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So anomalous for this time of the year. We're not gonna see category three winds inland. But i do believe that there will be some wind gusts that could exceed sixty miles per hour. At times. I don't think it's going to be that wendy during the game. In fact during the game itself tonight i think it's gonna be okay. I think the majority of the impacts are going to be felt on saturday so they may be able to squeeze this game in just in time tonight. Perfect and then they need to get get the hell out of the hell out of logan as fastest human our i. Well i think that's the goal here. so what is it gonna be. What's what's your official forecast for tonight. Seven thirty mountain time kickoff. Cs u utah. What's going to be. Because this is a friday night game instead of saturday afternoon. At like i said i think the weather and logan's gonna be okay. It's going to be breezy ahead at the front on saturday. So wind may be a factor in the passing game tonight. Temperatures are going to be in the fifties at kickoff. So if you are going to the game and you're listening to us out there and logan just pack some some win gear and other than that. It should be dry right. Ceus you two and a half point. Favorites were picking against the spread. Here does see us. You win by three not only wins but they do cover the cover. The spread all right. I like that. i do like Here's the thing. I don't know if i had the confidence yet. In issue i was listening to the college football kickoff. Show that Birdie hole and chris abshir and kevin lionel host every thursday at five o'clock and they're still not sold still not sold. And i think for for right reasons. I'm taking each state. I'm taking utah. State plus the two and a half all of that. All of the aggies losses are at home. That is so bizarre. But it's been number thirteen. Byu it's been boy you say right. I mean it's been tough opponents. I i'll amid take. I'm gonna take the two and a half enroll with utah state here all right. That's that's where i'm going right right wrong or indifferent. That's where i'm at i gotcha. I hope i'm wrong. I support that. I like she issue. I do too. I do start coach to be fired. They're starting to get some traction starting at their feet. Underneath right you you like. Cs youtube win that one All right let's move on to our next game again. This is the game day forecast. With with cody. Wilson here See you is out in cal. Cal take on the golden bears sir The golden bears are one and five yup the buffs are two and four but the the golden bears are eight and a half point favorites. They are. Let's start with the one thirty kickoff mountain time..

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