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Courtesy it's not very. Secret The Dow however the. Fact that it's happening it's kind of. Fascinating Jim Bob longtime attorney argued citizens United case in. Front of supreme court He has announced the creation of the fairness for Curtis hill Find the nonprofits vibe one c three form. To collect tax, deductible funds, for the defense of the. Attorney general of Indiana of course it's conversations of sexual impropriety multiple women. Saying that they were inappropriately, touched going back to March fifteenth the end of the session There for the general. Assembly it was a, party at, age as lounge the attorney general was. There three, different women including a lawmaker, Democrats to Democrats one Republican macho the. Fourth was saying that it was inappropriate you've had the governor you've had a speaker of the house Brian Bosma. The Senate pro tem David long others demanding the immediate, resignation of courtesy of course the. Democrats calling for, that but they did that for political. Reasons anything that John's ODI dozen Indiana Democratic Party, does a has to be taken with. A, massive grain of salt they never once called for Al Franken to step down, and there's, photographic evidence of that there is no as of yet photograph evidence of. Anything I would. Like to, know if there is some. I believe the has to be some otherwise why is everyone calling for. The resignation of Curtis l. You do an investigation you don't dispatch these women I don't call them victims I. Want an investigation to understand what happens because Curtis hills, saying it didn't happen he's also. Said things to, the effect of that's not his side. Of the story well how would that change things, all things in investigation would tell you. People, I think have rushed way too quickly on this one And, it's not that we. Should discount people it's that we. Should know what happened so there are supporters who clearly. Don't want to have to do things publicly but. Wanna be able to support him and, that's why they're starting this five. One c three another. Question about whether or not. You can actually do a. Nonprofit for a person as opposed to a charity Jim Bob says it's going to. Happen it's gonna be fine and good and. The key here is that they can. Donate, anonymously we're gonna follow this? And see how it goes and when I, first heard this story I thought it was a scam You have to help us a student. In Indianapolis fell in Europe and hurt themselves and we need to fly them back to Indy and can you. Make a donation, I got that and. I'd like okay this is a. Scam you might as well be an Jerry in prince. Not a scam Alex college I hope I'm pronouncing. Your name right Alex and I believe, he's back now he's in France With, family he's looking out. Over a a view of vista whatever you wanna, call it he, moves his. Feet a little bit he falls, thirty? Feet landing on his back he's partially. Paralyzed right now He I think he I don't think he's back but he's they've raised the money, to bring them back because he needs to be brought back not on his. Regular plain but in something very special. And with all the the medica- medical necessities. To to go with it So there was a big fundraiser that went. On and people gave to see how 'bout the. Family members of Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic church that's. What they are they're go funny they've raised seventy. Five thousand dollars to cover medical costs and rehabilitation costs great right up from the Indy, star as of Monday and there's. A benefit. Dinner and dance plan Saturday if we can, help, let, us know, it's an event bright by..

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