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A lot more value out of it and i actually ended up starting as a systems administrator after about a year into the degrees so the my schooling and my day job were able to play nicely off of each other in terms of what i was learning in both places so if you like that was one of the really key elements to my success in my degree program and in my subsequent career as a software engineer and his a systems administrator and somebody working in the tech industry oh yeah well that apprenticeship phase of either having an internship while you're in college or like you did it having a copathetic combination of going to school either online or in person together with a fulltime job where you're actually applying some of the skills that you're learning the the feedback loop between those two domains can be really productive and and satisfactory because you're you know you're not throwing away money on a degree while you're not make taking money from that knowledge and you're not going to a job where you don't feel yourself leveling up as much because even if even if you were you would be learning on the side so it's a the education plus occupation path is is pretty rewarding absolutely and that's also part of why continue to do freelance consulting is because it provides another outlet for morning new things and being able to play my day job off of my consulting and you know where i i might take on a consulting engagement where i'm working with cooper netease where that's a system that i'm working on evaluating for my day job so there are a lot of potential synergies between the two activities.

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