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A new ESPN, sort of documentary that is airing this. Sunday on Brian James and the decision called backstory the decision and investigates everything that went into the Lebron. James ESPN collaboration where he announced he was leaving the cavs for the heat. Dan is the host and the reporter on it, and really enjoyed talking to him about it. We also talked about other things. sort of the. State of the sports world with Corona, going crazy everywhere and a little bit of a a little bit about Bubba. Wallace got into a little bit about Dr Fao Ci, and his comments about sports, so we covered all of that with Don. It's been a rough week. I gotta say. This was a hard one to do just because I feel like the focus right now is on everything that bad in. In, sports of. Like I said the corona is going crazy. People don't WanNa wear masks. Novak Djokovic just a complete dope hosting a party? The BUBBA Wallace situation with people just reacting in a horrific way as usual. Just horrible people fighting about things constantly on twitter got to stay away from twitter. That's really what the point is so I tried to put together I. Apologize, but Don was great and I'm really looking forward to the decision I think that's going to be interesting. Everyone sort of has their feelings on Lebron so I think a lot of people are GonNa Watch, and get little well for ESPN and will be a good watch. She missed any previous. The sports illustrated media podcast. Go into the archives. Please check them out Andrew Marsh from the New York post was on last week along with Rushmore from the La Times arosh. gave us a little scene setter from Las Vegas where he was for about a week maybe ten days, and then, of course we're seeing things happening there with corona, so it was a great Update from Arash. They're Andrew Maher Shannon I went through some sports media news. That's going on nate. Burleson was on the two weeks ago. Erin Andrews three weeks ago, so check those out download. Listen subscribe rate. Review it's all appreciated. have nothing to do right now. You have an only time on your hands, so download and rate and subscribe make me very happy yet funk all right. I got out of it though for Don van Natta. It's a good good interview and a good podcast. Right here, so we're going to get right to it right now. Don Van Natta from ESPN on Lebron James The decision. You Okay joining me now. Senior Writer best-selling author over it ESPN and the host of. backstory which I am looking very forward to this week because it covers Lebron James and the decision and he's Don van Natta Don. How're you doing great, Jimmy? How are you? Hanging in there, hanging in there, I gotta be honest. I am looking very forward to backstory the decision. Sunday at nine PM. very excited to talk to you about it I think the decision is one of those things that Every sports fan still has some feelings about like. Say just the overall. Just insanity of this week I I was like you know I don't even WanNa tape a podcast as I cannot believe the what's going on in the sports world this week with. You have all these cases of corona popping up, and then, of course you have to deal with corona true Thursday. It's not a big deal because you know who cares. People get it totally not factoring in that it could spread, and then people can somehow old people allowed to just go, and now it's not a big deal Novak. Djokovic is having his stupid party. And then you have Obama while i. mean this has been I. Don't know if you feel this way. I was curious because I was like. Oh, I, whoever I! I'm back. Are they having a rough as rough time dealing with this week as I, am absolutely it now it's hitting me. We have fifty five hundred cases today in Florida. I live in Miami and Aubrey Day it goes up, it spirals upward and I was in Naples this weekend, and almost everywhere I looked. You know the mask on social distancing. I'm being very careful. People run around without masks and. It people are not taking seriously all the things you said I mean to equate this with the sniffles as we've heard, is ridiculous and outrageous, so yeah, it has been. It's been tough. Look, we're all sick of it, but to because we're sick of it. The sort of wave, the victory flag over something that clearly is is got a lot of. A lot of kick in its engine. Seems Insane to me? And the crazy thing is so you're in Miami where in Florida? It's really getting bad and I'm here in new. York where we went through a rough patch, and we're on a really good downslope with it, and that was even after having you know massive protests, and which I think sort of shows that. you much safer outside than inside, but I'm not a scientist so You know it's just my own opinion, but the fact that our numbers have still gone down even after we've had the the protests go on, I, think it and most the people here if you're in New York and you see the footage, most people are wearing masks. The masks are obviously the key and then, but for some reason you have this. Portion of the country who thinks the masks are just infringing on their rights, I it you know. It's like where I am, too. I'm on long, island in Long Island Long Island. People get mad if you say either one so I don't even know which one is some anymore? But we're. We're in phase three now. Where restaurants are opening, we have the barber shops open. Nelson's are open. People who want to do that, the stores are now. You know the retail stores best buy. Open so like we're opening up and our numbers are great, but you go on twitter and it's like every five minutes. It's like Florida this Texas, there's Arizona and our start with the players. You Know Charlie black men, the of the Rockies and Von Miller can had it. And I've heard. He's still struggling with it and the golf now today on Wednesday, the golf is an like I mentioned Jovovich. Is just amazing that all you need to do is wear a mask and instead were people putting ourselves in this position. Yeah, Jimmy it's not a coincidence that the twenty states that have all spiked in the last couple of weeks are the states that basically opened up over Memorial Day weekend. I mean I think we're seeing the consequences of that in Florida Texas Arizona places where the mask wearing is not been taken seriously nearly seriously enough of course, and I keep thinking about Arizona to remember if rob Manfred had his way we would have had baseball around now in Arizona remember that was a plan just a couple of months ago. And Arizona is spiralling and you can imagine if that plan had. Taken root in. That would have happened. You know how awful that would have been from LB probably would have no season, so you know that elongated process probably worked to end obese advantage but I. don't believe we're going to see baseball I really don't I I don't WanNa be so cynical. I Love Baseball, but. You know it until that first pitch is thrown on July, twenty, third or July twenty fourth. I'm not going to believe that baseball is back because it's going to be just so difficult for you know to travel and particularly in the West the West Coast teams essentially the. Not Beyond the Mississippi. They've gotTA travel a lot in even just sixty games..

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