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Is Jared Helper. America's listening to Fox News. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM talk Former governor has his eye on a Senate seat Mitch Evans reports had McCrory will reportedly announced his candidacy for the U. S. Senate later this week. Political reports that McCrory, who was elected governor in 2012, and then lost a reelection bid to Roy, Cooper, and 2016 will seek the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Richard Burr. He is said to have been putting together both state and national teams and preparing to open his campaign, the only major Republican who has entered the race thus far. His former representative Mark Walker. I'm Mitch Evans, a challenge to North Carolina's controversial voter I D law went back before a state court Monday. The lawsuit filed overturn a 2018 law that details how the legislation should be implemented, argues that it prevents African American residents from carrying out their constitutional rights. One person is dead following a shooting Monday in a McDonald's parking lot on Westover Avenue in Greensboro. No suspect information has been released as that investigation continues. Ah Statesville woman says she's been the target in a fight against two Confederate Memorial Iredell County commissioners and already approved plans to remove the downtown statue back in March. Woman who started a petition to show support for its removal, though claims a letter allegedly from the KKK was left on our doorstep, she says. Someone put up a Confederate flag in her apartment, too. Sports The Carolina Hurricanes were going to against the Detroit Red Wings this set and they fell again last night. This time, 31 hears head coach Rod Brenda Marsh. We were not good, so I I coached the terrible game because I didn't get the lines going right. I couldn't find the right match up. Despite the loss. The Canes are currently tied for the lead atop the central Division standings. Will play host to Nashville for a two game set that gets underway Thursday with continuing news updates. I'm Kyle Wilson..

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