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We want to be more out well rounded system, so he asked me to take over and since then, you know, we we wanna reflect together. Do you recall when you use you sort of realize how special he could be that? He could be one of the greatest of all time to remember was it the first time you saw him did a like aloft later on when did that? And for you. I'll you. I'll tell you. So the after he lost the met, Sarah, a number of people told me don't train them like back, then strike star was very cut. I I didn't own TriStar gym there when when I owned TriStar gym, I really changed the culture of start at that time. It was like, hey, it was very rough play life. You came in there, and you gloved up we were there to beat you up wanted to not down one to hurt you. It was very rough place and people all the coaches a lot of the coaches were telling me don't train, George. He's gonna get knocked out. Again. He has no tin after he lost to my math. Sarah. Everybody was saying look his run is up when he got lucky. He got lucky. He beat. Matt Hughes Hughes is not a striker all these guys are better wrestlers than him. They have powerful punches on. They're gonna knock George over and over again. And I was like look it might happen. I didn't know Georgia's gonna go on to win streak. Honestly, didn't hindsight people think it was obvious. It wasn't at that time at that time. He was fighting cost check next after his loss at Sarah. He was fighting in concert was a big puncher who is out wrestle, George. Easily least that's what everybody thought. And I was like, look, he's my friend. I'm gonna treat him either way. Win win lose drum gonna health these my friend. I wouldn't help him. And after he'd be cost check I was expecting him to be cautious. But I thought it was gonna be really hard fight. Like, I didn't know if he would win and then he was going to win up to win. But the the time that he really proved to me that I think he's because forget the third time. He beat Matt Hughes. You know, it was an older slower. Matthew. It was an older we were very confident for that. Third fight with us when he'd be Japan when he'd be Japan at you've seen four, you know, he'd be John fficials hard fights or flex where like, you know, if you beat this guy, like we know, you know, you're up you're one of the greatest pump for pounds..

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