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Say, Sal, that any any fan? I mean, A lot of fans have not seen Rene Robert play. They're not old enough, but they've seen that goal. You've seen that fog game goal and Even before the Sabres, you know they have a tribute to Ranieri, Rene Robert that they tweeted out last night, and that's how it ends. Uh, with his goal almost brought tears to my eyes to see that you know, in the tribute to him and To score the goal. It was a very well done tribute by the Sabres. But yes, uh and any any hockey saber hockey fan, I think has seen that goal along the way, and, uh, it it is like an iconic call and a big part of Sabres history and buffalo sports history. Paul with regard to the French connection. How how quickly was that they The Sabres of the three of them discover that they had. You know such an incredible connection, And was it just a matter of? You know, we we talked a lot about you Don't number your lines. Was it just like these are definitely your three best players. We're gonna throw these three together, Or was it something that just kind of came together organically right away. Well as you know, to start franchise history. Gilbert Perot. They won lottery with the Vancouver Canucks Tibet draft first overall, so and there was a huge difference between the first overall pick in Jill Parole and the second overall pick and Dale talent. I mean, huge difference. And Buffalo got parole in the next year. They drafted Rick Martin. I believe it was fifth overall, I'm going by memory, but I think it was fifth overall. But they still you know, needed a winger for that line. And Ramiro Bear. He who had his first year with the Toronto Maple Leafs, his second years with the Pittsburgh Penguins, He had seven goals and 11 assists. He had 18 points in its 1st 54 games in the league. And Buffalo picks him up in March. And he got to play 12 games with those guys and had six goals and three assists for nine points in the 12 Games. You know, it just was magical. You know, Robert didn't really wasn't score before that. And here he comes in from the Pittsburgh Penguins from Eddie Shack, and it was immediate chemistry. Immediate. And, uh, you know, by the 74 75 season, he's Buffaloes leading scorer with 100 points. You know? Yeah, That's right. 100 points, folks, uh, back when, uh you know, you had 40 goals and 60 assists, 60 assists. We're lucky if a saber has 60 points right now. At 60 assists. For 100 points in that season. And the French. What about the born? Yes. Sorry. What about Like that time period in hockey, like, give us a perspective on Was this kind of, um, unique or we're all teams having. I mean, there are famous lines in history going back for many, many years, but You know, did teams have, uh, were they revolutionary in a way that they put these three together they became iconic. They were great in the league, or were a lot of teams doing that with all the different speed and aspects of the game that went into it that day. Back then, coaches didn't split up lines that quickly. The The Bruins won two Stanley Cups with Phil Esposito, Uh Ken Hodge and Wayne Cashman, and it never got split up that was always align. Bill Barber in that series you talked about with that Sabres against the Flyers was with Bobby Clarke all the time. Reggie Leach was on that team. You knew the lines almost of any team in the NHL even know you're not seeing all that many games on TV. I think NBC might have had the games back then, too, but The only time you're really seeing hockey on TV, as if you could pick up hockey night in Canada on your TV, or if you're watching that NBC game of the week, and that was basically it so, but you still I think you knew the lines of the other team because they very rarely changed. The Sabres rarely broke up the French connection, and if they did by the end of the game there are back together anyway, because it usually didn't work. You're telling me I wouldn't have been upset when they broke them up for scoring balance. They kept putting together two scoring balance usually didn't work out. I mean, I remember reading about when those guys change numbers. For a bit. Um, yeah, with that. You know, that was really weird. Uh, Robert wound up with seven. I think Martin War nine. It was it was. It was weird, And then they changed back because I'll all of a sudden they stopped scoring because they change numbers. So next thing you know, they changed. They they wound up putting their the numbers back. Uh, which was weird, too. So, uh, trying to think maybe Jack Rashard was number nine, and he wound up with 14. And but they all change the numbers back after here. Here's what's crazy, though you go that you go to that cup season. Cup final season. You go to 74 75 talking about spreading out scoring? Yeah. Robert Parole. Martin are 123 on the team. After that, the next three All had 70 or more points. Don lose. 76, Rick Dudley 70 Jim Lawrence 70. Then you still had another to Ramsey and gear in the sixties. I mean, Yes, Different time period. We discuss that, But they still had players outside of those guys. And they had they had ways to score even when they weren't on the ice. That was back when they did number lines, So I'll say Rick Dudley was on the third line and scored 30/30 goals yet you know you you had, uh, you know again, Don Luce always played with Danny care..

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