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But i almost expect. Look i expect trailers look really good in practice. I expect that the niners especially in front of france fence. I expect that where. I expected that they're going to want. Look good in front of fans you feel me. They're going to want trae. Let's look good in front of the media right. You know because what is kyle shanahan not want. How's your head knows he's gonna get questions about trae lance and jimmy garoppolo and who's the starter and all that they had to. That was coming the moment that they pretty much came out and said the hayward drafting a quarterback. Okay those are gonna come kashiwa. Hand doesn't want is stories about trae lance struggled narratives to be jimmy the starter because freelances not ready as so expect both quarterbacks to look good in the and this camp where i so then what would i would say is. When does trait wendy. Wendy you stretch trae lance. When do you have even going into the preseason. I don't expect them to ask trailers do anything difficult. The preseason where i believe lance is really gonna get worked on and make his progress throughout the season is going to be an practices that are closed to the public in the in the two weeks before joined the final preseason game and the first regular season games. I believe that's where they're going to really put trae lanston uncomfortable positions because then narratives of this camp cannot be. Oh my god. The niners made the wrong pit brian. It has it's a balancing act of saying. Hey trae lance looks good. You could chelsea. He's a rookie. You can tell he's only twenty one years old you can tell. He's essentially not played football in the season. I expect those things to happen. You know what. I'm saying and just simply because of not playing football since october of last year and also says the fact is i. Guess what they were playing. Any nick bozo. Fred warner jig. Rewards at north dakota state. You feel me. He's going to struggle a little bit just simply because of talent around him is that he's going against is going to be bad. You know what i'm saying. There weren't joe. Joe jason at north dakota state..

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