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Sign in for round sure let us go to Frank Franklin Frank in Manhattan the company rather than think there is any left in Manhattan but Frank is there I don't know everybody else's fled to but Frank is in Manhattan presumably hold up and self quarantine and all the rest so it's great to have you with us on the show Frank thank you such a privilege to be here my my days is my privilege to have Frank Dunn said yourself short what's on your mind today well I have a issue with why we are wearing masks right they keep telling us because we are a symptomatic but they're not reporting on how many people noted down four million tests have come up a symptomatic the could be alright right well the thing about the the the mosque is the most obvious example of how the expert advice just changes from one week to another because they told us we don't need to wear the masks a few weeks back now we do need to wear them I mean a lot of jurisdictions require you to Matt Wetherbee in your own city island in mat in your own bar in Manhattan I think it was they were leaching some woman to the ground because she was wearing her mask incorrectly so I hope when you go out and you ride the subway Frank that you would you would you you're wearing a mask in the in in the right way I don't I think I think the Moscow rules are just floundering on that part because they don't really know who they actually have no idea yet how this thing works how it transmits from person to person Moscow Moscow it is your right that mosque some are not meant to protect you from being infected but a largely to protect you from infecting anyone that's why would it in the old days when if you went into a hospital for a hernia operation you didn't wear a mask but the doctor Warren mas the idea being that when he does find you up he wasn't gonna infect you with anything so we now turn that on its head and kind of made it as a virtue signaling thing you know it's going to be just take it to the next people are soon going to be that can be having rainbow masks they the the the they're gonna be having masks that you advertise your pronouns psalm this is a slightly this is nothing to do with a saline medical reaction to the to the situation have you stayed in let me ask you this Frank have you stayed in Manhattan throughout you'll basically that full time yes Sir your full time the Central Park yesterday and I take it was empty not all not really the one thing that we see all the scenes on the news of people walking down Fifth Avenue Sixth Avenue completely completely empty how long do you think they can do that to one of the great sitters I think they're ready to explode now I hope that we start picketing at city hall or the governor's office whoever has the most authority I'm not too sure who but something has to be done soon people just you know the restore greatness the online you know all the comments on all these websites like reddit and whatever so you know the the the the the thing about it is that people are not gonna put up with arbitrary will one things that's difficult about that the mosque for example is as I mentioned last now that if you're healthy than just wearing a mask actually can keep things your breathing out going back inside you and all is all kinds of all kinds of issues for them thank you thank you for your call Frank and stay stay safe and stay free in the great glittering boutique of Manhattan one of the emblems of the world a great metropolis and it's as again as I said last out then no they aren't actually countries nations with this one there are like clusters like in New York City like in Madrid like in London like in northern Italy and sometimes it spreads beyond even when it totals a whole region like North initially for example it interestingly didn't spread to southern Italy and just on the New York thing if you look at the whole of New England northeast all from New York City almost all the cases anywhere like in what they call the upper valley old five from home to New Hampshire on the long the Connecticut River valley it comes it's actually being seeded there by people from New York City where it hasn't exploded in the same way some of the words someone voted to New York and it exploded but then a New Yorker decides to scram and heads up to the north in New Hampshire will for my own soul the Maine woods and it doesn't explode in quite the same way that and that's not bad in itself brings me back to what I said I said that they actually may be more social cultural demographic reasons for this and I don't understand why the world's most bloated bureaucracies have not been able to find anything up in the three months they've had us on the house arrest monsoon for rush lots more still to come you're listening to the EIB network when you spring we're ready if.

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