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It is, I believe, a truly remarkable experience to take you through from start to finish how to break up with all the programming in the bullshit in that layer. Yeah, that scum layer on top of the pond. And that would be like that to me is what we've created. It was never. We didn't know what it was going to be when we started recording miss just unfolded into this magic project. And we've gotten insane feedback in celebrities that have listened in everything. That would be my biggest. My biggest gift right now is what I'm most excited about is magic vibes in break up with your bullshit. That is so exciting. I have a great feeling that a lot of the listeners are already looking at up and download. So you're not, well, you got bad up because. I've listened to it and I'm so glad that you brought that into the world. We needed that space, especially in the podcast world will just especially in the world, we've been needing that space, so thank you for all that you create. Where else can everyone find you? Absolutely you can. I me my website is Kelsey, Jay Patel dot com on Instagram and Facebook, all the things. It's Kelsey, Jay Patel. And yeah, if you listened to the episode, feel free to DM. I love hearing from people and do my best to respond to every single the m so sending all of you guys much love and magic in so much gratitude to you, my dear for putting this magic out into the world. Thank you. Thank you so much for being on her. Everybody go DM her right now until her what you loved about this on the podcasts. Ooh, one less really quick question ver- Rakia pets or plants all the time Iraqi all of my plans. Yep. And Iraqi anytime with animals or actually, babe. Ladies as well. I was just with a bunch of my girlfriends in DC. They all have kids, the young babies like love being like love having I hold them and they're just like immersed into in the same with animals. I may sit somewhere. I've trained a lot of my students as well who are huge animal advocates numbers, and they have practices now where they actually go out and do rake healing on animals. So yes, the answer is thousand times yes, that's basic. You don't need to be raking certified by the way to do that. Like just channel that light energy, the way I described earlier and allow your hands to just emit this life force energy into the animal into the plants. Like I hold my hands a few inches above the plants, and it's just pure method. Anyways, I didn't think I was a great king, but I do all the time. That's what I mean is it's it is, and it doesn't have to just be called Rakia. It's just energy. It's just sending like that that life force energy. Yeah. Wow. And with your food. Yeah, Ricky every single one of my meals. Beautiful. Thank you so much, Kelsey. I know you have to go, you have a call and I'm just so grateful. I'm can't wait for everyone to listen and DM you and tell me how much they loved this magical conversation. Thank you so much, darling. I'll talk to very soon very soon, but by. Dear yummy. Thank you so much so so much for ending your ear. I, I hope something unless spoke to your soul, and we please please say Hello in Lear on magic Facebook group to all of this whole tribe errors..

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