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Roger on the field i've been associated with this league from a says 1987 very very proud of it uh we've always promoted protecting the shield protecting the gain protect than the players and we've always toe people around the world from a global standpoint these are the best 1600 players in the world and i've always thought i felt pride and tell them people that recently we've heard some of our greatest players aaron rogers von miller cam newton a couple of guys who play the position they've set out they said that right now colin kaepernick should be playing an nfl now for me and a lot of other former players it of play it's disturbing to us that not only the billy the our lack of ability to promote the we are the best we also have the best backups when i see someone like joe web gets signed is a thirdstringer by buffalo is disturbing to me with you being the commissioner argue troubled by colin kaepernick not being on the opening day roster in enough oh we'll see see you know the the thing we are always or about as meritocracy an opportunity so our our see everyone getting opportune including cover fan so but those her decisions that are made by propal people you know team sin someone we both respect the tony dungy now we're talking about this when teams have a need and when teams feel like they can get better by particular individual whether they know the system or whether there.

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