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Than one seven minutes after one o'clock forty two degrees outside right now overcast probably going to snow forecast shows the greatest chance of snow in town somewhere around three to four o'clock this afternoon well if I look at the web cams up on us the Santa Fe and Taos ski valley no snow is upon that about an hour ago that could be snowing up there right now forty to forty percent chance of snow today high today forty three twenty four overnight Qamar clearing up forty degrees chance of snow returning on Wednesday and Thursday right now the weekend looks pretty nice around fifty on Saturday check this out Superbowl Sunday fifty five degrees and sent his gun right now though in Santa Fe forty two degrees Hey this first hour is wide open things on your mind today political non political anything you want to comment about today five oh five four two four twelve sixty first hours wide open want to comment about Kobe Bryant want to comment about political issues the latest polling numbers your candidate local issues anything else we just want to call in give me a prediction on Sunday's Superbowl San Francisco and Kansas city to five oh five four two four twelve sixty two o'clock today we're going to DC and talk to John Lawrence John the former chief of staff for eight years for Nancy Pelosi lives in DC and lives in Santa Fe we'll talk politics national politics with John at two two thirty today Maria Herrera from New Mexico workforce connection they and then from girls Inc at three o'clock girls think is going to have a really cool congressional district number three Canada form the first today we'll have in from girls thank Madonna Hernandez who is director programs Aaron and Ashland who are teenagers will be part of this candidate form that's at three o'clock Friday will be doing the show entirely at the capitol part of the legislative session of the conference rooms in a conference room for Senate Majority Leader paean worth a whole show on Friday over this take apple five oh five four two four twelve sixty anything you would like to chat about please feel free to call all right breaking news other sports in nature today's another one of those days where I think you know we can always use just give me dropping papers always use an extra dose of some interesting good now.

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