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At least horses deuce stay in training consistently for a long time. So and then we'll be seeing a lot more than a letter sent out of this race. Especially, if the top to do go to the reader scale, I'd love to see public sectors as might get us all price on. And sticking with the theme of the trip, made the race on the turf at Belmont we'll get into Joe Hirsch turf classic now, which was won by channel maker. Who with this win in the TURF CLASSIC PUTS HIMSELF MAKES DEALT THREE TIME grade one Belmont two times a turf classic winner as well as a winter the man of war last year. We we were kind of suspect of this going in here. We knew he was going to have an easy lead. Didn't necessarily need the rain but we knew he was going to have an easy lead in China maker has an easy lead definitely is very dangerous erase. Obviously you WanNa look at him going forward given what he's done the last two if for some reason does come back and does have another race or he has A. Loan lonely that's probably not going to happen the Breeders Cup the if that is where they go, which is probably pretty reasonable to imagine seeing that they've got the Breeders Cup berth already and they've been there in the past but. Has Really. Turn around a campaign. You know we've ragged on consistency, but you know we've finally seen one of these older male horses that continuously. Compete against each other do something consistent have backed back good races. was refreshing to see something that hasn't really been seen in a while and. Again like I mentioned don't really know what what to make of channel maker going forward. He's obviously not going to be a wind container in a Breeders Cup turf, but it is interesting. Going forward. Oddly, enough. He's probably the leader in the clubhouse because he won multiple grade lungs which no letter turf wars is done this year that probably the leader.

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