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They weren't move down all right so the big part of that is the last part. Which is Jason Lockenfora saying? I continue to hear that. The redskins are increasingly open to trading out meeting trading down if they do trade back a few spots you know. I believe strongly they would target. Isaiah Simmons So that was Jason Lockenfora. Yesterday this was Clinton Portis this morning on my radio show and Clinton said the same thing on the podcast. A few weeks ago But I asked him about what the Redskin should do at number two this in this is what he said. I would take him. But you know I just feel like chase. Yang is is a you know a get to the quarterback guy or maybe of games you something run game. That's amazing You can get to the quarterback which is excellent. So you know he can get to the quarterback. I will send us to get to the quarterback he covering the tightening is disrupted doesn't mind then lumbers so I know what he like. I know he's physically like he's a he's a special He's a beast when it comes to contact to plan in space and he can still get to the quarterback and be disruptive so I think the of playmaker Which is one of the few playmakers in drag. That was Clinton With me on the team nine earlier this morning Clinton said and he said the same thing in the podcast a few weeks back. He thinks Isaiah Simmons is the next Lawrence Taylor and I said okay so if the redskins are there number two you know you wouldn't take young. He said No. I take Zeh Simmons. He's the only person by the way I've heard. Say That Simmons better than young and he would take Simmons at number two. The Jason Lockenfora stuff is Is really the the question right if you assume? The redskins aren't interested in into a tongue of aloha. All right that. They're not interested in a quarterback there then and they are open to trading back then the other the other player that they'd WanNa get if they trade back would be Isaiah. Simmons if you believe Jason Lockenfora. The problem is trading back may basically eliminate the possibility of getting either simmons or chase young because Aaron the first spot really they trade back to more likely than not would be Miami at five Miami coming up to get to it number two and then you had the lions and the giants who would more likely the not young and Simmons could be the corner. Jeff Okuda from Ohio state which would lead the Redskins with either Simmons or young at number five more likely Simmons. But you're taking risk if those are the two players that you've sort of got neck and neck to trade back to get one of them that would be my take. There's a lot of possibilities. I mean Hell Detroit could say we have to get to and we're going to trade with the redskins and move up one spot so no one else can trade into that spot. I also had somebody. basically Private message me yesterday. Matt who essentially said. Why do we just assume that people would be trading up for two like if Chase Young? Is this great? You know All Time Pass rushing talent. Why wouldn't we assume that the giants are the lions or the dolphins or the chargers might not might WANNA trade up for number two? Take Chase young which you know. Actually I don't think we really have considered that. A Lot. Chase young is more likely than not going to be the highest rated player on most people's boards. You know I mean that would be my guess right now but I think it's the trade back thing is too risky too risky. I think it is unless you can unless you can guarantee you're going to get that guy that you want I I. I.

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