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Fleck is one of the greatest living banjo players. He's followed What many experience as this quintessential American roots instrument back to its roots in Africa, and he's taken it where no Ben Joe has gone before. Abigail Washburn is a celebrated banjo player and singer both in English and Chinese. These two are partners in music and in life, recovering something ancient and deeply American all at once, bringing both beauty and refreshment to what they play and how they live Land Deepest, she On pierced by Monday, when I heard Doc Watson I felt like I heard the beauty of authentic American culture and I wanted it so bad. I've been looking for it so badly, and I finally heard it when I heard Doc this high lonesome Searching, struggling suffering, hopeful voice singing this ancient melody and these old old words for me what? I think the word I thought of when you when you were talking about that what you actually heard? Was the truth. It just sounds so true. Even though it's it's just notes. You know, this is something more about it. What you're gonna do what you can do. What you gonna do what you're gonna do what you gotta do? What you gonna do when the land goes into the water? I'm Krista Tippett, and this is on being As this show approaches its 20th year, we are resurfacing some favorite shows that have delighted and shaped us and resonates still. And this is one of those when Abigail Washburn graduated from college.

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