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Is there this is when the ACLU is insane it's not that the curfews and the National Guard troops are here because of the peaceful protests that's not what they're worried about I wonder what they what they want I literally what is the ACLU want ignore looters ignore buildings are on fire maybe they're upset that the fire truck show up I don't know they want a more and I don't know this is realistic or not but they want a more targeted approach to things like curfews so maybe only curfews in areas that have seen looting yeah until until it moves down the street then what well I'm just trying to say this is what they're saying who it's too broad to say now nobody can be on the street anywhere in the city which is not even true because I you got the notice bill I'm sure I got the notice about the curfews and they said if you're going to work you are going to do care giving there were a couple of other reasons that it's fine you can be out for certain reasons it's not an absolute ban where your very presence on the street no matter what becomes a crime yeah I was it was that's what you're saying I was expecting to be stopped by the police on the way and and my little card out you know I'm not saying that job here we are we're essential human beings well done over centuries human beings were essential workers it's just it to me the ACLU you would think would be like we would be thinking Hey but we want to protect the rights of the protesters who are doing the right thing who are just yeah marching and that sort of thing well the police are going after them that's the problem there isn't an over reach of the police for the protesters lined it with they could actually to leave them alone I think in many cases protect them alright lets you another couple stories for retail yeah some big companies are closing some of their stores in light of all this unrest.

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