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An rx alayan lizard Shadow cat and that just sort of jumping right into show versus book differences here. I feel like the show captures is pretty. Well the the difference. The main difference. That i could see is that the chapter really goes into daylong sort of romp in the wilderness. That joffrey in sonza have where they're like you know they're stopping for lunch. They're you know they're tracking shadow cat into his cave or whatever. This is just feels like it's. It's a day long event for before they even kind of come across aria and so that kind gets condensed. But otherwise i don't i i really couldn't find any major differences between the sort of the key events here. Yeah i would agree with you. I think the shadow cat is an interesting one. Unlike the other creatures which did had did have real life manifestations there's there's no direct linking of that term shadow cabinet In the middle in the middle. East that i know of. Oh i'm familiar with Would it seems to be is kind of Like a canning for her a black panther almost right Yeah that's kind of the word right. It's the and they think that that the he does sort of medieval is it by turning it into cunning And accounting as to compound words that are put together that could serve stand for one single now or one single term so yeah So there is this. Element of like a fiction blurring with with reality In the event that there are that the day that spend is is kind of this like the beginnings of ever mandic drama manta comedy. I feel like the they're gonna have there's going to be some sort of romantic interludes. There's even that once one line that sansa says where can't remember. She was just talking about what she could imagining her day. Like would you want to do. And she says. I want to be with you and you know and again she is eleven years old so it's hard to not be gross and think about what she means by that. But like if you're gonna read that in this in a sense yeah. She says the touch of jaffrey's hand on her sleeve heartbeat faster. What would you like to do. Be with you. Sansa thought but she said whatever you like to do my prince in so you know. There's sexual tension as i learn more. Yes absolutely and then what happens. After that is we already know because of her interior world. That she just doesn't understand are one of the things that she just can't understand is why anyone would like horseriding because it messes you up and see all sweaty and you get dusty grows and then You know jaffrey's idea of a good date is to go horseback riding. And where she say she says oh. I love horseback riding right. Yeah i mean. She differs in that moment. You know she has. She has a need right. She has a desire she wants to be with him. And you can interpret that for what you know what you will and his response is that they can be together but not really not with in the sense that she wants physical connection and at the very end of that chapter when he's her and she's going she's rubbing his forehead just touching the last thing says there is like and don't touch joan me in. Don't touch me i. i can't hate it for very long. I feel so sorry for her. She this is her. It could have gone so differently. They had their nice little meet cute and he like he was her knight in shining armor. The stakes are pretty low but for her there high because yeah being embarrassed in front of the popular kids like the were her worst nightmare And he's the one that saves her takes her away from the horrible. You know faces of ill and pain in the hound and things like that. It all could have gone so well but gap at the same time like this is such a predictable big middle school romance middle schoolers. This assertive on either end. I this is the this is the dream that you have of like what your first relationships going to be like and you get that from tv and you get that from movies and then you finally get your first boyfriend and he won't acknowledge your presence in public or talk to you or right and there's like you know he'll give you a high five and that's the only kind of physical contact you get like. That's so middle school. And so i think part of it. That's again where like the. It's it's really strategic. You kind of ingenious a. He's we aren't sure at this point if this is a dysfunctional relationship or if they're just middle schoolers know.

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