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-ality of the climate crisis and many other issues for instance racism inequality insecurity. How do we find. How do we begin to find. Solutions that encompassed tackling all of these. There's attention here. Is there between but some people call the tension between justin speed or some people. See that as attention. You know that we have to act incredibly fast and we also have to act in a way that Make sure that to put one. My no one gets left behind and that the people who have often had to least role in accelerating climate change pay the greatest price so some people would say this is a tension between the speed with which we act and the issues of climate justice. I actually think that they have to go together. Both for ethical reasons but also for strategic reasons. If you like to give one example in australia you may be aware. There's quite a fierce discussion about phasing out of call. And i think if we're going to be able to rapidly phase out coal in australia. We've also got to address the concerns of workers and communities in those called dependent regions. And i think that's true in other countries in india zero or germany and so on so. I think that the task here is to think. Creatively unimaginative about Bringing together justice and stayed and that imaginative thinking you've drawn on so many different schools of thought in this book you've spoken to indigenous leaders to islamic and christian citizens into social movements. Why is it helpful to bring them all together like this. And is there a consensus of opinion. I see this. I mean when i set out to write this book i was thinking this is not. You know list of silver bullets or list of blueprints or list of single answers. I mean one of the things that's Struck me and inspired me and writing. The book is conversations. We've a really wide range of people and on the one hand. Yes the realization that people drawer on such a a diverse range of sources of inspiration..

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