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To be able to give some like tonight fortunately didn't do that and also if we can get this thing turned around start tomorrow nat from yes is now fifty two runs given up by the starters of the last seven games Austin Romijn at three hits pair readies Mike talked and three more it's couple runs scored a surgeon's today she sees a bath in it water Rodriguez pregame here on the fan three twenty five meanwhile the magic will use the long ball against the pirates two two on the way swing and a high fly ball well hit right Cinemark take going back onto the track where she goes sure listen to the front of the Pittsburgh to the right of the three eighty one Todd Frazier Jeff McNeil Wilson Rameau's P. lawns of the all went deep for a lunch it was thirty fourth is the Mets double the pirate six three how rose the called the B. C. B. S. eighty sack Wheeler the win what could be his last start with the Mets deadline of course is next week he fanned seven over five and a third innings of three run ball so you think about being this the this being the end just was walking off the mound you know I got a nice applause and appreciate that from fans and yeah I mean you know you that's the only time I really thought about it because other concentrate on the when a ball game after missing why forms combined for three two thirds scoreless in the pen finished up I said Lugo with us for safe toolbar Dodge together nationals for two braids over when the Phillies nine two Marlins but the D. backs three two rockets from the rich twelve two is Daniel Murphy doctor could best six runs rose above the cubs three two John tell us the Padres to one eleven thank me yeah the race turned aside the blue jays three one or is a repair the angels nine three two into the white Sox sixty was the mariners three Tigers to Indian food at the royal say three Rangers to got the ace five to nearly the cardinals finished off the Astros five three giants receiving corps seems to be dropping like flies will check on that next the BFA in.

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