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I can think I want to say I will lead alert or as I. I'm Mark Rim and today on truth in Lies Jeffrey Free Epstein Part One of two part look at Epstein's growing empire and the growing scale of his alleged abuse in this episode. We traveled leveled to New Mexico to Epstein's Zorro Ranch and hear how Epstein would allegedly use the promise of Higher Education to Groom Unsuspecting in Girls Chapter Six Zorro ranch. What I understood was that Maria had had a very wealthy boss sort of at the time who was working for who was sort of larger than life? You'll remember any farmer from our second episode. She's the younger sister of artist. Maria farmer she first met Epstein in December of Nineteen Ninety. I five when he paid for her to come to New York and visit her sister. She was sixteen years old at the time and says during the trip Epstein began touching touching her as they sat in a theater watching a movie he just sort of like put his hand thou like for for me to hold his hand and I remember in my hand being sweaty because I was very nervous about what why he was doing Matt and as we've heard she'd returned home from New York and not tell anyone anyone about what happened. I was reluctant to tell Maria because I didn't want to upset her but I also was afraid that it would be detrimental. Insult to her in some way into her career. But once back in Arizona Anne would find marinas boss continuing to insert himself in her life life Jeffrey Epstein according to the family continued to call Annie's mom and express an interest in advancing her educational prospects and sending her to an Ivy League. School that's ABC News senior producer. James Hill our lead reporter on this podcast. Who's been covering Jeffrey Epstein? Since two thousand fourteen and has spent years speaking with victims of Epstein's abuse to the farmer family at this point Jeffrey Epstein is the boss of one of their daughters. He's a very wealthy man who seems to have the best interests of their daughters at heart. And you'll remember Janice Swain Anne Marie as Mother. Anne was very serious about her studies. Always Epstein Steen would suggest some ways to help Annie get into a good college and a wanted very much to go to an Ivy League school and she worked very hard throughout route high school and at one point Epstein told Janice about an opportunity for any at his ranch in New Mexico. Eight brought up the fact that he thought it'd it'd be beneficial to me to go on some kind of international trip as a way of making myself a more appealing candidate for giving into college and he had and some ideas about that and we should probably be in touch about it Janice says Epstein told her there would be a group of students there all of whom were students. He was helping get into college college and offering to pay for trips abroad. Jeffrey I call me to ask me if any could come to their ranch in Santa Fe because is a genus. Says she wasn't sold on the idea at first but she felt more comfortable that there would be a number of other students there and when Epstein told told her that his wife Glenn Maxwell would be there too and he said he thought it would be a great opportunity for all of them to get together. Talk about where they were going wing and what they helped to gain from these trips including adding this to information for their college applications one of the things. That's important to stress is that Jeffrey Epstein insisted to the farmer family particularly Annie's mother. You're the Glenn Chaperone this weekend of high achieving students. Who Were there at Jeffrey Epstein's ranch? We assume that he was married because when I asked him about his wife he responded about Gallon of course as they later find out. That wasn't the case as far as the farmers understood. Glenn Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's wife. They were a couple who had interest in advancing the educational and artistic careers of young women. Any would arrive Dr in New Mexico in the spring of Nineteen ninety-six arrived at the airport and there was a man with a little sign. Had My name on it and you know a the driver. It was the first time I'd ever experienced something like that so it really stood out. The ranch was not in Santa Fe is really in the middle of nowhere. The Gallon Steel Basin is just one of my favorite places in the world just pure Western so much of New Mexico's rugged narrow narrowed but this is real ranch country grass juicer out everywhere you look and just openness was zigzag horizons in every direction ruction of forty minute car ride heading southeast from Santa Fe takes you into the heart of what's known as the Gals Stale Basin set eh sprawling desert sparsely dotted with CACTI juniper trees and low grass the dramatic landscape almost sounds mythical most most people probably don't know what hogs back but there are these originals with rocks for Truden at the top this whole natural wall of walk is like a spine and it looks like a dragon you know and sort of undulating as long the landscape. This is Jean Peach. He's benefit for in New Mexico for decades and his book. Making a hand growing up cowboy in New Mexico focuses on ranching life in the state Galileo offers seemingly infinite horizons of stunning running Western landscape. And it has its fair share of ghost stories. The Gal Sterile Basin is home to Pueblo Indian communities it was became one of the gateways for the rating trots to pass through. So there's a I think a centuries-old centuries-old history of of Indian warfare in the Gal Stale Basin a self-described psychic told me one time several years ago. They can't even go through there because ghost or or everywhere from all the battles and it's here just outside the small town of Gala Stale you that Epstein would build a multimillion dollar mansion on a crest of land overlooking the valley. It was called Zoro ranch. The the irony of anything named Azzaro being owned by Jeffrey Epstein is as sharp as Zoro's Blade Zoro Spanish for Fox was the beloved literary character popularized in TV shows and movies a dashing sword wielding masked masked vigilante who protected innocent victims against corrupt officials an evil villains eliminates. But you can call me but in New Mexico. GEICO Zoro actually has a different meaning in Vernacular a Zorro actually means Fox but in New Mexico it means skunk. Maybe he didn't know I don't think he did everywhere Epstein lived. He did his best to maximize his privacy in Palm Beach. The home is hidden behind behind hedgerows and security gates and see on that clip over there at the mansion. Oh Wow we. On the distance that's correct but Zorro ranch is arguably his most private thanks to its massive size. That insulated epsteins home more than a mile from the nearest public road. We saw it firsthand when investigative producer Chris Francesconi and I visited there late last year. Just urged right on top of average the only structure you can see any direction for miles. The location of Epstein's chains mansion as my God. It's right on the edge of the drop off to the Gosto base and the views from that area is is positively spectacular and totally private only airplane. Only a flyover will get you close and there's no no way for traveling salesmen. No Way to just sort of chance by its very private. I think it's the perfect place to to place. The mansion without view Schleicher thrown. The ranch looks like the backdrop of old the western movies and in fact many films have been shot in the area around. Epstein's Ranch Gov stay or has a film so you can see. See it from the road or if you know what. You're looking for and the numerous westerns shot there. So overwrought wild wild watch. Kevin Costner's wilder bapu looser with renee. Zellweger number of films shot out here and it's obvious to see why because this is just completely untapped land. Nothing has changed or doesn't appear that anything's changed in hundreds of years. But what is his most. Private residence is also ironically one of his most conspicuous as we've mentioned epsteins main house sits right on top of a Ridge and at night. It's like a beacon on top of a hill according to a neighbor who lives in the area around his ranch. It was most notable at night when the lights were shining on it inside now. That's when it was really an eyesore and I mean it's very much out of place it's an ostentatious gigantic really ugly building that nobody particularly likes to see like that. And you're going.

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