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Ako can't afford the freaking commercial. What you should do is you should pay for the commercial. And then you should You should match that to help small, small businesses. You know, small businesses, sell Budweiser and sell Coke and sell Pepsi. All of those companies would do I think well by the country and the fans watching By simply going, OK, we're going to spend $7 Million or whatever. This is $10 million on Super Bowl ads this year. We will then spend $10 million on, you know, stoking small businesses in small business loans and things like that. You know, or covert relief or, you know, rolling out the vaccine. However, you can help. That would be a good thing. I think you could do that. But these companies are very skittish on getting involved here. So, unfortunately more as for Schwartz, I think he's gonna be somewhat disappointed. I don't think this is gonna be a crazy laugh out loud. L Oh, well, Syriza commercials for the Super Bowl for the shorts clan. You know what, though You reap what you sow. Because Schwartz spent the last 12 months trashing anyplace they gave him bed, take out and taking them on Twitter hoping to get free stuff. Now they're not gonna entertain him with commercials come the Super Bowl like stuffing. Maybe I hop could have afforded the commercial. He didn't take it threw him on Mother's Day. Because he had a weight extra 45 minutes for pancakes because he can't cook himself flipping frying pan. Also This could get its own segment, But I don't know if I want to dedicate it entire segment too short. Even though I kind of just did. No, no, we did the first eight minutes on October 11th row. Okay, True. Schwartz posted on social media yesterday that he went to the New York lizards. Look cross mll across offices, I guess, and they had to clear out office sales. Major league lacrosse is lizards essentially had a garage sale had a tag sale going out of business sale. And there was the most Schwartz sale ever. 20 bucks. You got a bag and you could fill it with as much stuff as possible. Fill with as much stuff as possible at God. Does he love stuff? And he posted a picture of how much he stuffed in this bag Now. I don't know if this is he bought two bags. I could only imagine this was his Christmas. From what I'm gathering as I study this picture here. Morass. Mm for the New York lizards, the cross team. He got himself 11 lacrosse balls. Feel lacrosse jerseys, 04 lizards, T shirts, three lizards caps. And one pair of lizard shorts. I don't know what you do. With three hats, four T shirts, four jerseys and a pair of shorts from a defunct lacrosse league and you're talking to a guy that has a Michigan Panthers USFL T shirt. I feel like you could use one of those. One, but your entire wardrobe is going to be lizards gear. No, I think what happens is next Labor Day breaks that says, Hey, kids, We went back to school shopping that Z happens there. And 11 lacrosse balls. Do you need 11? No, you don't. 11 lizards, lacrosse balls. We've already seen the picture too. Back in the house. He's got at least 33. We could count that a rolled all over Not organized enough. So the more lacrosse balls the better. I don't know. It should be noted that the A Andrew Bogus did say, Is it bad that I would also do this bogus? Don't go down that rabbit hole. Don't do that to yourself. Would you do this morass 20 bucks? Philip, your bag full of defunct lacrosse gear. No but all part of it. I just don't care about the cross enough like if if one of the real major sports teams went out of business, maybe like if something catastrophic happened the NHL and how about the alliance? How bout of the Apollo's had a $20 fill your bag sale? All right. Maybe I would. Maybe I was, but there's a difference. I don't do it all the time. I think the promise he already has a million. The crossbows. I don't have a million a F King D. So I think this is different. So you would hoard the alliance kicking tees from the I mean, you know, look, a couple a couple of Polish tanks never hurt anybody. Certainly wouldn't brag about it. I just love that At some point in time, people will watch Schwartz and over the course of two weeks, he will have had six different on sambal changes. All lizards gear, and they'll be like Do you work for that team? Oh, no, no. I just clean them out of the bankruptcy sale. Well. So how? How undervalued. This is video of his kid's birthday from some guy playing on that team that is now working at stop and shop. You have to keeps on giving when we come back here on the show. We are stunned to a news and it's a trash Tuesday. So dialects update 55 to 1 to four CBS or on Twitter, DEA on CBS. This is the mother ship on CBS Sports Radio. Uh, I've so sit. Oh,.

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