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Up north thank very reliable Snowbird one stretch resorted to drizzle coming down and stuff like that and you know what with the snow in the most is that the story at this point although it's coming leave a comment you know it's the coal we start walking downtown was about thirty degrees about an hour ago we drop down to look close to twenty three twenty four degrees in just a matter of time so it's really gonna be cold out here today because yesterday I was in the park with my big daughters aged resent the shorts you sure it's crazy but I had talked with the car overnight you may have to scrape depending where you are I spent ten minutes to two o'clock in the morning my entire car is a four year old in boulder supper I used this morning in that regard it's all already a nightmare for me I hear yeah I forgot my ice scraper but Marty says he's gonna let me hit out and I'll give you a T. April so thanks Sarah fire it's true we got a locator coats and boots and all of that stuff thanks Jim holy from fox thirty one zero Raz brings us that look at news coming up nearly two hundred layoffs at an oil and gas facility in Grand Junction that story in five minutes thirty eight let's check traffic with John Morrison budget like callers that though we got a couple of crashes up in the four called very as Jim said it is slicker up there for sure and yeah you got a script your windshield and it is a task in this cold darkness if you parked outside looks like we got a crash so but I twenty five past the harmony exit up north others another couple of actions either side of crossroads really slick in the fort Collins Loveland Longmont area the farther north you go it is really slick I'm in the Westminster area my day with like Jim said.

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