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From New South Wales and Victoria thirty four of which are out of control that means firefighters can not get a good handle in advance of these fires so this is incredible on just the amount of smoke in the integrated air that is taking place and by the way on satellite imagery we're seeing the smoke drift into the South Island of New Zealand residence there had to turn on their lights in the middle of the day because the smog and the smoke was so thick this week's attack on the embassy in Baghdad is because Dr state Mike Pompeii ale the way his trip to Ukraine and for other countries he was supposed to arrive in Ukraine late Thursday for his first visit to the country which is at the center of president trump's impeachment it was set to meet with your cranes president and reaffirm American support for Ukrainian sovereignty on the condition of one of the stabbing victims during that hundreds of services described as dire was want to bring Jim grass is an update he may not regain consciousness he is still unconscious from this attack over the weekend and he may not regain consciousness and even if he did he may suffer for it from severe brain damage so really just horrific outcome in this family Sir at rather this community is certainly well aware of how he's doing and even raising funds are trying to get about a hundred thousand dollars just in this community alone to help not only him but all the families who face injuries in this attack from the late Bobby Kristina brown has died Nick Gordon was blamed for brown's death after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in twenty fifteen along so her family including singer Bobby brown accused Gordon of giving her a toxic cocktail because of Gordon's death has not been released Francis the sea Chicago's progressive talk eight twenty eight AM W. C. P. T. willow springs and online at W. C. P. T. twenty dot com where facts matter closing reminds us regularly about the significance of this moment in history she says sometimes you choose the moment and sometimes the moment chooses you and my sisters and brothers is moments eighty eight twenty four fax math around the town Chicago I've always said is seeing the play again does it mean you're seeing a play you get when you see a movie and you see it's always the same when you have a different director or a different cast of characters in a different stage everything changes it's a new production on Sunday afternoons at two eighteen twenty let's be on the national symphony may not be in his future but he wanted to try a violin so you said yes because you love and if you love him that much love them enough to make sure he's buckled up and in the backseat find out more about keeping your kids safe in your vehicle N. H. T. S. A. dot gov slash the right see shown you love him keep them safe.

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