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Urban dictionary is this are we going to hear this for the first time live a little bit overplayed up and see what you think of an when he sent it to me it's actually listed as rocky romero diss track diss ups his is what it's called any message to rocky romero as we download this let's see let's let's let's rock you know you're going down a real rocky road with this the thing is a good thing with rocky is i'd like to just fire him but he's we need a piece so good it'd be a sidekick well he told me the greatest said that he drove you guys to three seventeen gimmick street yeah sit under the table edgy beers it's awesome tokyo diz when he was with a show inyo and i think jackson power on the ramp way and he stayed there flake twelve minutes great worst power bomb of all time misra your whole patch i got turned the speaker on my speaker screwed up but i will turn on okay i'm gonna turn it all the way up here's the bit rocky romero distract on us jump the shocked to fight swallows the white you junk i'm gonna shove zone i got a great go for a first hand going over thirty minutes my man if you go over who the hell is gonna he says never thirty right as an old rule yet let's trust yellow the wing you got a new producer eight this.

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