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To the studios saturday night eight pm eastern rockets host the cell puts testy j b today's the aides say that averse to me a rick pitino snapping is that talked to the celtics thing larry bird government killed rogge repairs were walking through that door they were that'd be old ingrained back to you but you can could almost hear that your sleep that's right up there without iverson firm edwards those aged one grade with some of the great line that was a good luck joke is there and i could hear rick potatoes exit do it's much like a wreck route it is like we're getting word style but it's got the main accent but he had not lost there's jabes on a high low past fernandez who was fouled before the catch of a thousand yulia dario it's six forty five to go here in the half robert russ were philadelphia's defense other number two the nba fieldgoal percentage deepest not doing a good job there with cleveland at fifty percent abut really gardenet 3point line wealth thirteen foul so the imbalance korver has it now james if the tax tend to shoot calls for the high screens from nance to switch shara chas cleats the rolling nance makes the catch against covington a shot no good covington couldn't hang on announced swipes up the rebound for philadelphia centres up four exhibited of the frontier he gets there so quickly rick such sized they'll give it back to cutting co deep two straight down for robert covington he's the first player in double figures on either side with ten point six point lead james going to back down going to spin this time down the late kick in the corner high class couldn't hang on a turnover quickly the lead at saint laurent james kinda get into that will his game which we often see late third quarter into the fourth quarter and i i think she strive feel out his teammates simple i think the birds a little too much trying to find that white bowel to would it be aggressive they wanted to be more.

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