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Some paving their way down to one lane in fact all the traffic being pushed over to the right into the breakdown lane Laurie granted WBZ's traffic on the threes check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast right now here's meteorologist dean devore well we're watching the last of the showers and maybe a rumble move off the coast first thing this morning and will see clouds some sunny breaks windy and cooler conditions as shower popping up again this afternoon as we'll get back up into the low to mid sixties after dropping a bit this morning blustery chilly down to forty two tonight tomorrow early sun giving way to clouds and chilly winds will stay in the fifties and then low fifties chilly weather continues folks it actually gets even worse I think heading to this wards the weekend in there could be a lots of rain showers maybe even some wet snow showers up in the inland parts of New England this weekend will keep up to date on WBZ Boston news radio does not sound good at all still have several days to go before the weekend we'll keep an eye on it for you right now not bad in Boston little bit of sunshine sixty four degrees here in the city eight fifty five on the ring central news line it was fifty years ago today may fourth nineteen seventy a day that this country will never forget the massacre at Kent State University those who were there remember that day clearly the sun was out it was brisk there was a nice breeze blowing Alan Canfora was a can't state student he never expected the date to turn into one of the darkest in recent American history National Guard troops opened fire on a protest in students killing for Alan Canfora was hit in the wrist fifty years later people still come to the site.

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