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Be surprised by the typical system by system approach that we use amp. This is especially true if it was a human dissection based course rather than undergrad anatomy survey course. Every fiber every micro filament of you're being will want to cover things on a region by region basis. How can it possibly make sense any other way. The systems approach is just wrong. Am i right. I remember a series of conversations few years ago with a colleague who is trying to make the case that we should all start. Amp with the liver. Yes you heard me right ville liver the liver and its functions. Connect everything our students should know in. So it's a logical place to start. She gave a lot of logical examples and interesting pathways to follow to get to all the major concepts of mp by starting at the liver really got me thinking differently about the liberal. I can tell you that. Of course she was just being playful with us. Thank i don't know maybe she's teaching her liver base day he courses. We speak but the thing is it could work starting at the liver and maybe even work better than the traditional sequence. So why don't we ever move past the casual conversation stage and start a revolution perhaps get someone to write in. Amp tax book that upends the traditional order of topics. Or go out and give workshops in some and ours and try to recruit an ever larger band of disciples telling the story of human structure and function in your new and better way. Well that could happen. It's unlikely because massive stones like the ordered universal. Canon of a be topics are hard to buy. But still it could happen. Decades ago a friend of mine wrote physiology textbook. You'll have never heard of it. And here's why he told the story a different way than all other physiology textbooks. Instead of having a chapter on endocrine function he decided to leave out that chapter and instead integrate endocrine function as appropriate into all the other chapters. So all the endocrine material was there all those essential concepts they were. They're just not in. Its own discreet chapter. I liked that idea. A few people did like that idea but most physiology instructors did not hike idea. It messed up their syllabus. It messed up their schedule of lab activities. It messed up their schedule of teaching blocks for team teaching..

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