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Scholarships here to deserving broadcasting students. I met him on campus at the twenty one, million dollar state of the Art Communications Building that bears his name. What do you think? This is good. Not Giving. Away ours. We hear. Here. So. Thanks for agreeing to do it. Here thinks is perfect place actually, we'll good good I. I mean well, we get to see another side of you know you're going to see anything you're not gonNA see anything. Hero. I Know Day you didn't see anything. So we're here at your Alma Mater Ball State, university, in the David Letterman communication and media center. Yeah we just walked into this I know it's crazy. Isn't it after you named for me yes? This is something that I did for my mother. The president of the university joined Gora. This was an idea that I believe she and my mother inspired to accomplish the building named after and I sort of felt like let's just wait till I drop dead and then you name whatever you want after me or named nothing after me but it is now such a incredible source of pride for me and it's just one of the great things in my life. So when you came here in nineteen, sixty, five, radio and television as a major certainly was not a popular career path. No, you chose it because because I knew that I wanted to somehow broadcasting. And when when did you know that when I was a sophomore in high school? David grew up in Indianapolis the only son of. A florist and Dorothy a church secretary, the middle child between two sisters. As a boy in the nineteen fifties David spent hours watching TV. Arthur, Godfrey Steve Allen and Johnny Carson when did you I? Know you were funny well. I'm. Still. WAITING FOR THE RESULTS But you had to know somewhere in your conscious subconscious you knew you were funny Dave. We'll like I had a bunch of buddies and they were all funny. So it it didn't. It didn't seem like My father was the funny when he was the lightning Rod, he got all of the attention he was funny. My grandfather was funny but I never had the confidence to say to anybody. Hey, look at this I'm pretty funny because I never felt that way. What was your First Broadcasting Job Well, I worked right here at the radio station in college station WBZ's t think was the name of the College Radio Station? When I worked at in television in Indianapolis they didn't like me and I had to, I, had to sit there it's hard to be on TV if people don't like you well, I've done it for thirty years. David landed his first job on TV as a local news anchor and Weatherman. In Indianapolis you also hosted.

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