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Claimed the lives of one hundred fifty seven people from all over the world, including eight passengers from the US correspondent David McKenzie says ambassador, David Rayner was among the officials who have visited the crash site today. That the investigators are on their way here. He also said that INTERPOL is working with US and if yo- Pinot Sergey to try identify the remains of those lost in the incident thirty two of the victims were from Kenya. Where that plane was bound eighteen were from Canada and eight were from China. The plane was knew the weather was clear, but the pilots tried to return to the airport. And of course, they didn't make it. The crashes similar to an October crash in which a seven thirty seven max eight built by Boeing flown by the Indonesian lion airline plunged into the Java. Sea minutes after takeoff killing all one hundred eighty nine people on that plane. The similarities included both cruise encountering a problem shortly after takeoff and reports of large variations in vertical speed during ascent. Boeing is not sending out any new guidance. Indonesian? Investigators have not stated a cause for that Lyon aircrash yet, but they're examining whether faulty readings from a sensor may have triggered. An automatic nose down command to the plane, which the lion air pilots fought unsuccessfully to overcome the automated system kicks in of sensors indicate that a plane is about to lose lift or go into a stall gaining speed by diving can prevent a stall in those planes, the lion airplane flight data recorders showed problems with an airspeed indicator on four of the flights days after the October twenty ninth accident.

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