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I know I know about and Bodas did it perfectly in Hamilton came in and grab some dust. So he lost some traction. At that point. If he wouldn't have done that he would have had the R S to pass both us at the end. So even with that here comes Hamilton right behind him, both as kids really close to the Williams car, which is about the lapham. Yeah. Once you get close, you get the S firm man was on real seeing Hamilton's determination of like. Nope. I'm going for. I I I don't know. Oh, dude. He's a month. So while to me Hamilton is the talent LeClair, he's the talent as well. But but Hamilton is is the gifted one hearing like curly clear it needs the experience, and he'll get there. No, he will. But in comparison with boats like Hamilton is is the talented one. Like, he's the gifted one not saying that both us isn't. But both us this year seems like he is the student like he is the one that he is put in so much time and effort this year to be smarter to be better and Mercedes is truly like him a great car in this year. Perfect race. He he really is. He's not making mistakes last year. He made mistakes this year, the guy you could tell that he has been so studious with these tracks and I'm excited for for this. But I am completely shocked that they let them battle it out. Even even with that much of a lead they were sharing their pants. Let me be clear about that. They were setting their pens because it's not like if it's not like they had a clean. Let's go at it. They were going. Yeah. And if anything at the beginning of the race, if you watched the start Hamilton goes with everything he's got to take both us the fuck out to the second place. But both as defense. He's so good. Yeah. I mean on white circuits. That's the one thing I've learned from watching him. He's defense is so good. I figured because before getting on the plane from Tampa coming back Formula one was about to start the race was about the start. And they asked on Instagram who do you think is going to be number one in Bodas had qualified both tests. I'm sorry had qualified a number one. So I figured great defense. As long as he runs a perfect race. Because he's he had the fastest lap timing. Qualifiers. He's going to do. Well, right. He's going to be able to hold them at first. So I put my two cents in everyone goes fuck, you you don't know you're talking about, you know, anything about formula, don't fine. I don't. And when I landed I saw that both has one. So I went in. And I just rubbed it on who the fuck now say shit. But I couldn't believe I couldn't believe the persistence of Hamilton on that race in. I'm telling you the start just watching the start. He tried to take him out right there. And then. Yeah. And both has was a fucking sick monster. But everybody knows that perfect race. Everybody knows that like Hamilton's weakness has always been his start. Like he does. Great and qualifiers, and he'll get there. But you know, when it when it comes time to start the race. He's not great off of the line. That's just always been his thing. But this year, he's he's done much better. You know, like you're saying, I'm I'm sure I'm sure he was right there ready to ready to pounce on about boats. He's he's always been great off the line. Man, man. I got that was really really exciting. I loved every second, of course, his greatest Hamilton Lewis or Alexander. Oh, my God it away. I think we're going to leave it with that. There's adding new Formula one show coming tomorrow. I got finished four GT video. We gotta finish the four GT video. And we'll see you guys later. Thank everyone. Join US House. Another episode of let's talk about cars, you'll see some four baby. Let's get it..

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