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They don't want to go back twenty years in take your fifty five cents of every dollar and turn that back into more like thirty eight cents every dollar that you put into your property taxes. They are not on board with that. They want to continue. The course that were on, and it's not gonna fix anything and ultimate thing. At the end of the day is nobody's property taxes are going down. Nobody's property taxes are going down. They may be mitigated under HP too. But it's not going down. And then you look at other issues in Lubbock county, which is fertile ground for crazy succumb from outside to within in lots of people with like, so many of the core activists of the Lubbock county Republican party. I don't even know what they do for a living because they don't know about real economy. They don't know how the place works. They don't what makes it turn. And what makes the Lubbock economy work in said it, and I'll say it again medical in healthcare in the downtown. What's number one, vocation Lubbock? It's nursing right. It's agriculture in federal programs for agriculture, and it's higher Ed in public it. And then everybody who gets contracts from there. That's. My love has such a thriving. Thriving small business industry that we do. And that's not to say that nobody works hard. They work hard for this contracts. I'm not saying that there's anything shady going on there. I think that hard working people earned the contracts that they get but people at the core. And I challenge anybody from not even challenge I invite some of the core activists in Lubbock county Republican party to come on air in challenge me on that point because I will put your teeth on the curb instead on the back of your head while because figuratively, right? I think I just you know, American history acts. Yeah. You know, I'm glad that you've seen that. Yeah. You'll digital ru to forget. But that's how a lot of rural. Not just Lubbock, but rural economy works now is around those industries that are commercial enterprises that happened to be government. I think back to Lubbock county did a. The federal government came in and said that Lubbock county needed to build a new detention center, right and said it was a federal judgment that said you will build a new detention center. So. The county put out put it out to vote, of course, it passed overwhelmingly. But if you're gonna build in what was a seven eleven and you got to build a new WalMart super WalMart of detention centers. Guess what she have to do. Then when you gotta do find contractors. Right. You gotta find personnel. Node our new people and new people have benefits that make it a job worth doing. So you don't have low Las off the street. Just coming in saying. Yeah, I can I can handle this unit..

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