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On this episode of the flop, House discuss uninvited another shot Tober platter of splatter for all you SICKO freaks. Hey everyone, and welcome to the Flop House I'm Dan McCoy. Hey. I'm Stewart Willington on I'm Elliot Ceylan really revved up that time didn't expect it. And with us today, we have a very exciting guest. We have you know her from a writing the books sharp. It's dark places gone girl and also adapting I would say the good versions of those Y- you know from Utopia or new show on Amazon it's Gillian Flynn is here. Hello thank you for having me. Gillian so much what? I just saying Hey Gillian. I think. Elliott and I was like I know still. A year you know I'm here said Hey Gillian not hey I apologize I just wanted to take I. Think Dan deserves a little victory lap because there was a pretty good introduction there buddy. Yeah. Elliott berated me for he's like, do it professional this time and I don't Wanna point fingers at Elliot but sometimes I have a professional. Introduction and Elliott is the third person who gets introduced before the guest and he goes up on a long flight of fancy. That confuses and dismissed me. To join the flight of fancy, you can just let the plane take off and wait for it to land, and then you can introduce the guest I just didn't. I always remind you just because of our notorious, Joe Bob Briggs, episode left the guest flailing not knowing whether he should start talking or. There there's the episode where we discussed the Duran Duran Song notorious. Right. DETTORI's episode. Yeah. I would just like to remind our guests that she should feel free to interrupt. Time. Tend to talk too much. I would I would I would also like to say that you may also know me if you lived in Kansas City Missouri and nineteen eighty-seven for dress seen as a tuxedoed frozen yogurt and handing yogurt samples. So that's just another bit of my work that I'd like to get in there in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty seven also happens to be the year of the movie were discussing. Professional then US you're welcome. You're welcome now not to get us off on a tangent but what kind of yogurt place puts the Tuxedos? Crampy one very pitch. Black Tie yogurt place t say why the country's most formal yogurt it was really low. Yeah. A really long name the country's best frozen yogurt or yeah. I think I remember correctly wrote a thing for the New Yorker about this I believe. I would like to ask about Rosen Yogurt. Well about wearing the content I think was mostly. What was your worst job or like your crazies job? Now, how does one get the New Yorker to actually publish what you send to them? Do you have to be a bestselling writer because I haven't done that part yet but? The APP if you have a previously crazy job, I think are just part of the previously crazy job series. That, and my work of consistent work there high school and college as a ham display girl. HONEYBAKED HAM in which case I would take Because we're get crazy about the spiral on the Ham, and so they want you to unwrap it. So they could make sure the spiral look spiraled and then re rapid. They don't like that wine can I see different spiral so I always went through the holiday seasons with my fingers just absolutely just. Duck wrapped duct tape wrapped in. Bandages. Chapter News Amaki about spirals on Hams. I would I would love it. If it is a Makki they they wander into a grocery store. And they're just horrified. Spirals everywhere, even our beloved. Fan. Why They open up an issue of. Initial of x force where I guess, Mojo. Spiral spiral in this oh no. New Listeners. Taste better spiral. That's our motto around here was that. The spiral cutting unlocks the flavored uses that would otherwise be kept inside if they were. Cut in a less snail shelly way and. It also knows the great children's game where you can bounce down the stairs like a slinky. Is there there was a commercial for those where the guy put a ball bearing on the spiral and it rolled all the way around the ham a couple of times. You're thinking of luxury cars still. Now. Killing I. Yeah. Let's Segue into the movie. You chose this one it's called uninvited nineteen eighty-seven I believe it was straight to VHS That's what I found in my research agency ANYTHING ABOUT THE AD for reading it'd be wrong it was a straight to video movie This was written and directed by great on Clark who mystery science theater viewers will know from a number from movies and. Dan will know from the classic boobs in video. Games. Hit joysticks number one of box office the week it came out I was Gonna say I looked it up. Yeah. He directed joysticks one of my favorite teen sex comedies that was one of these movies that about video games such a way that it's clear that they thought video games we're going to be a fad they needed to jump onto. Likewise he also directed the forbidden dance about the Lombardo that's the one of two movies about the LUMBAR. This is the one with Laura airing from mulholland drive in it as a she's a believe Amazon princess who has come to America to. Stop the deforestation of the Amazon and gets involved in Lombardy con does to dance. I, Dan. Did I ever tell you about the screening joysticks? I went to where they the hosts called great and Clark and over the phone interviewed him and he basically said like, yeah, I, went to the mall on us all these kids lining up to play video games like we get them to go see a movie. We'd be millionaires. So remade this movie and they pick a weekend when nothing else was coming out, they were number one at the box office nationwide. Can't argue that clever business. Uninvited are they because it was direct to video that did not have that although the titles right off the bat tell you this is an amazing movie production, which is. Now, killing you're an AFICIONADO, bad movies and horror movies I've learned. Very brief conversations I I, make it out like we've known each other for years. Why did you choose this one I choose this one I love eighties, horror movies in particular third, just kind of what I grew up on their Miami of. Sneaking at home with my friends who? Had, the luxury of cable which we did not. Just watching like all those. Just all crazy movies or and Kansas. City, we grew up with Friday fright night that was our particular brand of the local scare movie night with a host to a cat named Caffeine A-. Loved. And so it just like you know has all the great kind of eighties. Movie Mike Staples has like I don't. Love the like opening music for like. Of Sets you. It's like, okay you're doing John Carpenter hair but also Colombo and you know it has a lot of eighties dancing and music on Ya, odds and the classic. Characters you can you know like, Oh, it's the nerd is the rich do the girl who will get killed and the girl won't and all we should discuss get very confused later on about who's playing what like the guy dressed like the nerd is not the nerd I would like I really want to I think it's important. We get into that. Also other favorite, which is people falling into water. Tossed. Tall, dive. Now. Since she missed mentioned the music I just WanNa, say I looked up the composer and the composer for this did two hundred and ten episodes of America's funniest home videos. Oh. I'm sure it's not just the wrote the theme song. Who knows? That they had separate scores. Scores every link a little underscoring while like the Boeing sound effects. Due to to to. Watch this over here at me in the nuts. Okay..

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