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Lighter guy are we spot respect heartened me do you think you know you know what famous the james are he's been one of the most durable plays an mba is all career you know is when editor like extended stays on the girl or thumb in revolvers your point have again yeah see that hook that he had on heart it through saudi shoot oh so the reason why we're talking about he'll miss you exactly two weeks right you're saying oh no no no no it's not two weeks so according to john vegan of the houston chronicle gets a grey to hamstring strain which is a partial teheran in a hamstring it's only he has to wait two weeks before he even get exempt by three of value in two weeks yeah and the and it's a td so our own who knows who knows they've struggled as of late and so that's maybe not it's obviously not great for them to lose who was probably the nbp up into this point but they still chris paul and he can get them through a lot of the stuff as long as he's as long as he remains healthy it's fine and then outside of that like you don't really need james harden play mali to like as long as he's healthy brain playoffs like that's the goal rights might be a blessing in disguise because dates only been running these cats into the ground listen incorrect law was omitted restriction in played forty four minutes.

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