Fifty Dollars discussed on GSMC MMA Podcast - GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 37: Mayweather-McGregor & Weidman-Gastelum (7-27-17)


Which i i don't think it's necessarily going to be a joke it's going to be an intriguing matchup of styles in my my opinion but it definitely gives people who may not have the chance to actually ordered the fight on their own maybe they don't wanna go to the bars but maybe it's a place where you can take the family and maybe feel a little more little safer than going to the bar so i actually look it is a good thing i'm pre positive price point is being that forty to fifty dollars for you know for ticket which means by the time you go to the movie theater and you drop fifty dollars on a on a movie ticket you buy your popcorn you bided drink your brain you know one other person bring your your your spouse or your date it's cheaper to actually stay home and order it yeah definitely gives i mean seriously i mean image because it really i mean i just don't see how let me it's but it is a nice way to see it it's on a bit among on a large screen would you would you go to a theater to see it over go onto the bar i would definitely go the bar and if anything i'd go to my buddies house in we split the paper view but but let's just talk about theater i mean you ever watch the comedy innovator it gets really loud who people laughing and everything i could not have are yeah i know i can't imagine it i can't imagine watching fights on a huge theater and this i i don't i just don't know how that plays out in complete darkness.

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