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Interruption but i'm mike global we're on espn two tony does today but because we're professionals we're going to give full espn level effort right tony whatever not the attitude don't you like no you like the houston rockets last night i was gone through the first quote is well myself to sleep as their coach somebody maybe we love them the sleep by picking no series to play i'm gonna stand by that agency we're gonna pti boys and girls today's episode the sixers and celtics bag at the nhl suspends a capital and do kids a fifth five star recruit but we begin today with the single most stunning win in the nba playoffs so far houston losing to utah in houston last night on her and not on some buzzerbeater no uta won this one convincingly houston coach dan tony seda's team was quote lulled to sleep unquote will bundle this game have you reevaluating how this series will play out yet tony really would not necessarily result how will play out guess i mean like you we should start to segment with an apology to the utah jazz and people who follow them because we've dismissed them we were dismissive of them and that will turns out to be wrong because now they've won is game a houston i fully expect utah donovan mitchell is a wonder the kid goes into the point guard position because his point guarding there it gets eleven assists and he plays that position as a rookie in this league so i think that utah will win a game at home and i now think we have a six game series at least with that one win at home so i'm not going to apologize i'm not going because i picked houston four and now i'm picking houston and five we'll you got and i'm i'm gonna give you all the credit in the world they won that game i personally think that's it i joined last night three hundred million other americans in that i could not name the starting five of the utah jazz i could have given you rudy go bare ritual.

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