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Of us have decided that only, a car isn't really all necessary anymore. People aren't abandoning the idea of personal vehicle ownership says Cox automotive analysts Michelle crabs but they are all in on. Ride, hailing in starting to embrace short term rentals and, that could chip away at ownership maybe people will give up, their, second, car or they'll use. A ride hailing is an alternative more than they are now if households rely on only one vehicle crab says it's, more likely. That vehicle will be. Larger or more upscale Jeff Gilbert four CBS. News Detroit the government will soon begin clearing a giant log jam that keeps a, threatened, fish, from, swimming upstream, also, gathered debris including, refrigerators, televisions, even, a houseboat the. Removal will protect habitat for Gulf sturgeon the big pile up is. On, the Mississippi side of the, Pearl River between Louisiana Mississippi Sam Litzinger CBS news It's three zero five at the bay area's. News station KCBS we have sunny skies in the forecast today more detail forecast coming. Up in just a few minutes good afternoon. I'm Jennifer, Hodges, here's what's, happening reaction, to the passing of Senator John McCain continues to come in from all quarters national, world leaders former US presidents one of. Those who worked closely with McCain even though she's a democrat is house mature minority leader and bay area congresswoman Nancy. Pelosi, KCBS as Jeffrey Shaab reports McCain was known of, course as a straight talker and a maverick but congresswoman Nancy, Pelosi, says, under day to day. Basis behind the scenes he often worked with members of both parties colleagues on both sides of the weather they were, in complete. Agreement with John McCain. At all then agreement that he was formidable. Had enormous integrity and was acting on behalf of our country and what he truly, delete, Pelosi appearing, on ABC Reed Galen was McCain's, deputy campaign manager during the senators two thousand eight presidential. Bid he says McCain could buck up under pressure hold true to his principles, he believes that goes back to the, days when he spent five and a half years tortured in Vietnamese concentration cat appeal w. And North Vietnam is father was the commander, in chief of the Pacific fleet and the Vietnamese said. If you. Want to go. Home because of who your dad is we'll send. You home and he said absolutely not we have, a way we're, going to do, this it doesn't matter if my dad is, a four star Admiral or you know works at a bakery in Pittsburgh this, is where I'm gonna stay and I. Think that that, is really a testament to the prepared person he. Was and, the kind of life he lived John McCain's body will lie. In repose at both the Arizona's state capital and the United States capitol Jeffrey Schaub. But KCBS it's too soon to talk impeachment. Bay area, congressman who is considering running for, president is keeping his eye on the ball winning back congress in the midterm elections KCBS a Scotla Terry has More as, the evidence mounts that President. Trump obstructed, Justice and broke campaign finance laws. Talk of impeachment abounds but. Says East Bay congressman Eric swale well when asked if there is enough evidence that the president conspired with his. Former attorney Michael Cohen for campaign finance violation would that be a high crime or misdemeanor the. Standard for peach mint, Democrats should not lead with impeachment tired I think we should lead, what the core issues. People care about, making sure. That healthcare costs go down that their paychecks go. Up and that we scrub out corruption but we shouldn't look, the other way, while while sits on the House. Judiciary committee where impeachment proceedings would. Begin he told ABC news at before thinking impeachment if the Democrats win back the house they will conduct the investigations the. Republicans are unwilling to conduct including this campaign finance violation including the questions around his contacts with the Russians and, including his tax returns impeachment is a heavy lift even. If the house brings charges the Senate would need a two-thirds majority to remove, the president from office scholar Terry KCBS, funeral services for. Molly Tibet's The college student who grew up in Oakland is being held later today. A is being held at the GM a high school in Brooklyn. Iowa where Tibbets graduated in two thousand seventeen she disappeared June eighteenth after going on her daily jog. And Brooklyn Iowa Tebbit's had been missing for more than a month before her body was discovered in a cornfield, her death received some politically charged attention after. Authorities charged twenty four year old a, twenty four year old man. Who is in the US illegally with her murder some tickets, family members have come forward to say they don't want her death to be. Politicized just ahead on KCBI. I'm gentlemen with an update on, San Francisco's city funded legal team working federal immigration cases having a lawyer by, your side means everything in the world Now,.

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