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By NCUA equal opportunity lender for W. okay why whether let's get a check that with Matt Hey Tony we're talking about a cloudy cool damp Wednesday forecast forty have some scattered showers out there in those will continue off and on through the day keeping highs in check only near fifty nine degrees will only drop to fifty five as we trend drier overnight expect a partly sunny breezy much warmer day tomorrow as highs soar to eighty four degrees as we move in here Friday will keep the warmth with highs near eighty but we'll introduce some shower and storm chances especially during the second half of the day and will carry some of that unsettled weather with showers and storms possible for the weekend both Saturday and Sunday but hi stay in the low eighties eighty two degrees for both Saturday and Sunday's high the rain on Sunday comes with some rain or with a cold front that's going to knock out the rain chances Monday and Tuesday look dry and full sunshine with highs just a little bit cooler in the mid seventies after WLKY forecast about Milosevic Toni Kroos ever try candy for they're taking all the extra steps and precautions to make sure that you're safe when you come to the show room by the way no problem for you with hand sanitizer currently available obviously they are wearing masks and make sure that you can have complete safety plus great deals a truck headed for zero percent financing for seventy two Bucks for another two thousand nineteen sixty miles from two thousand eighteens certain financing for seventy two months on twenty twenty of vehicles find your ride and try can't afford to still bring it to to you if you're within a a forty mile radius and you can drive the vehicle be cleaned and I've absolutely before you get in there to drive it to make sure that the you're saving you can test drive it there just simply go to tri county for click on the drive a request information.

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