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Wait you you said something wrong we are what we have a lot i don't think it's that much that's all that aids get up there okay so the all right so the new game you so you can only use a driver ten times for the entire season so save those jimmy's right so be very careful said any of the rome horse races go with your road course guys which you know these days is pretty much all of them now right but if there's somebody who's facility the road courses and not get anywhere else go with them or how about this weekend instead of talking about road courses how 'bout this weekend may be put in ricky stenhouse junior right overly michael mcdowell rights or david reagan true because you're not going to use them at any other point in the year right f i charlotte or anything mineral iso doughty's are now so all right yeah so you pick a five drivers in you also get a garage driver and k five starters in one garage driver as the racist transpiring before we get to the final stage if things happen to one of your drivers you can bench one of them and put your garage driver in the starting lineup saw have they done the commercial for that yet i could just see a driver with fans to you're done gonorrhea so if you're guys in the garage realtime you have to be active in the game yeah carry you actually have to pay attention what you're doing no yeah you're screwed you have no chance cannon just me an automatic thing automatically at the one hundred landmark pull this guy whenever no just to have some sort of setting that if you were underperforming you get pulled nope i don't want to pay attention well care and a half to why now the other cool thing about this used all his game on purpose i did sister anger me now let me get cool points toward that way so you get your driver points there but there's also a plethora of ways the a bonus points and you guys rewarded didn't you i did so each week to predict the pole winner of the race need.

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