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Thanks for tuning into native America. Calling interrogate would and the body remembers when the world broke. Open is a new film that follows to indigenous women who try try to figure out what to do after one of experiences domestic violence we have the directors and writers of the film with us if you like to talk with him directly call in right now one eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number in Vancouver. Today is ella. Maya feather she is Coming to us today She is blackfoot from the blood reserve. She's also saw me Also here on the line to Katherine Katherine Hepburn and she is is With us today Victoria Ladies. Thank you both for being here with us in order to go ahead and take us to another moment in this film It's the part where the characters Isla and Rosie arrive at a domestic violence safehouse. The case workers are asking Rosie questions about her boyfriend. Does he do stuff like that. A lot he can be good to do. Good is me Nice stuff brings me to the movies or whatever but today he got upset he sought a throat his toothbrush toothbrush. Didn't throw it out in the toilet. How come he told her? I was getting fat. So so So asked Rosie I should call them police but she said No. So how would that be better. Because then they'd arrested right away and then can you be safe. You're the one who's in control of what happens right now rosie. Do you want us to call the cops. No how come take him to raisman. Besides only cops don't let the way they look at your house. How's that like they're tired of looking at you like you're wasting their time in? That was audio from the film by remembers when the world broke open which we are talking about dates currently running on net flicks and in different areas across the nation. Now's your time to call in any thoughts. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is the number Catholic Anything more you want to narrate about that scene in what you were hoping viewers took.

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