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This thing will come to the Senate and it will die quickly and will do everything. I can't make it. I want this yes to hand as quick as possible for the Center for the good of the country and I think the best thing for America to do is get this behind us. I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I made up my mind. I'm here good morning and welcome the. Am Joy right now. The House Judiciary Committee is putting the final touches on. It's impeachment report ahead of an expected. Wednesday vote by the full House. But after what you just heard from the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. What's now clear to anyone who's watching? Is that the house will be the only body conducting a constitutional petitional process with something entirely different and diminished happening in the Senate by revealing that. He's not even going to pretend to be an impartial juror. You're in the impeachment trial of his boss man. Donald Trump Lindsey Graham is practically boasting that he considers the oath of office that he took when he became a senator to be a joke. United States senators take an additional oath at the beginning of an impeachment trial where they swear to quote do impartial justice according according to the Constitution and laws Lindsey Graham apparently considers that to be a joke to and he's far from alone grams revelation that he will refuse to do his job. Came just two days after self-proclaimed grim reaper of the Senate Mitch McConnell told the trump faithful on Fox News that the impeachment case will be dead on arrival and he essentially he. The jury foreman plans to coordinate the upcoming Senate trial with its defendant. Everything I do during this. I'm coordinating with White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president physician our position as to how to handle this so yesterday on the show I made the analogy of the upcoming trump impeachment trial to the OJ Simpson trial in which a man who many people believed was guilty was acquitted with that acquittal essentially becoming meaningless for a lot of his fellow citizens but overnight a friend. Sent me a tweet by professor. Abram Kennedy. I I think actually sums it up even better because the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial was indeed in doubt. No one knew what that verdict was going to be until it happened. Whereas trump's trial will in that trial to quote Professor Kennedy? It is becoming like a Jim crow trial deep down. Everyone knows everything everyone knows the racist. Defendant it guilty. Everyone knows the all white jury is going to quickly acquit. Everyone knows that the exonerated defendant will continue to break the law. Joining me now to discuss. Is Somebody who will be voting articles of impeachment this week Minnesota Representative Ilan Omar who serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Thank you so much for being here this morning so when I saw that that that that text overnight the tweet that was sent to me by a friend it was kind of jarring for me because I was thinking kind of an OJ trial situation but it is true true. I mean no one knew how that jury was GonNa vote. That's why it was a surprise. This is almost like one of those old south jury trials where the jurors go in ha ha ha. We're never going to convict this guy that is shocking to me that that's happening. Now what do you make of it as somebody who's going to vote in the house side. I mean in in the situation. You describe the tweet you can clearly see injustice will take place and what I think. The American people get to witness is a part of party that has decided to make a mockery of the constitution. These are leaders within the Senate knit who are abdicating their responsibility and their oath. If you were being selected as a juror for a case and you essentially essentially said you were planning to acquit. You would be excuse right and so it is important for us to recognize nuys that these are essentially Joris the Republicans have long this whole process. I decided that they were not going to be a fair and impartial juror. They've complained about the process. Even though every single single piece of that process was out in the open and within the rules of the House. And now you even have Mitch which McConnell say that he is going to work with the defendant's lawyers. Can you imagine if jurors in the case Said said well. I mean we're just going to communicate right with the defendant's lawyer and decide what the defense should be and how we should behave life and so it is really alarming and it should be alarming to everyone that is paying attention and I think it. It is the responsibility of the American people to hold these senators accountable to make sure that they're having their voices heard and and to require this process. This constitutional process is carried out impartially. Yeah and Lindsey Graham. I think is particularly galling for a lot of people because he has been such a hypocrite on this. You know he was one of the leaders of wanting to see Bill Clinton impeached. She was out there railing. Alling against President Clinton when President Clinton was impeached for lying to a officials who question about sexual affair. Something that for most Americans was. It was a trivial reason to impeach. President this was Lindsey Graham back in nineteen ninety eight and here he is here he is back in ninety eight. I know what people want to do with this case. I know they want to get it over. I know many of them. Don't want the president to be impeached. But I've got a duty far greater than just getting to the.

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