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Tampa bay rays pitcher david price on september fourteenth. Two thousand eight and dave and we'll we'll talk about david price A little bit later here but after that homerun just two days later against gavin floyd derek. Jeter would break that record. And the yankees. Were eliminated for postseason contention. Now the only full season in their career where he did not compete in the playoffs. The following Following the final game in yankee stadium. History jeeter made the speech at the request of yankee fans thanking the support for thanking the fans for their support. An amount in a moment later voted by fans as the best moment of the year by mlb dot com this year in baseball awards and this is what it says from all of us up here. It's a huge honour to put on this uniform everyday. Come out and play. Every member of this organization past president has been calling this place home for eighty five years. There's a lot of tradition a lot of history in a lot of memories. The great thing about memories that you're able to pass them along from generation to generation although things are going to change next year and we're going to move across the street. There are a few things with the new york yankees that will never change. That's pride tradition and most of all we have the greatest fans in the world. Jeeter goes on to say we're relying on you to take the memories from the stadium and add them to the new memories. We make at the at the new yankee stadium and continue to pass them on from generation to generation. We just want to take this moment salute you. The greatest fans in the world from two thousand nine through twenty thirteen for the season yankees manager. Joe girardi switched jeeter jane damon in the batting order with damon. Moving second jeeter back to his leadoff role jittery. Hit three thirty four thirty in the al with a four zero six. On base percentage in eight seventy one opie p eighteen home runs in sixty six. Rbi's and thirty stolen bases in thirty five tenths one hundred one runs scored seventy two walks in two hundred twelve hits which was best for second in the mlb and defensively derek. Jeter Made a career low airs that year and his batting. I'm sorry his fielding percentage also a career low eric's not career low actually a career high for him. It was the best of his career. Having a nine eighty six fielding percentage he also had the addition of gold glove award winning first baseman mark to share and second robinson knode shift his focus to his right helping helping jeeter tremendously during the season. The sporting news named jeeter eighth on their list of fifty greatest clutch players. On our current players on earth not clutch players current gier achieved ju- career hit milestones in the second half of the o. Nine season on argue sixteenth. Two thousand nine against the seattle mariners. Double down the right-field line. I two thousand six hundred and seventy fifth hit as a shortstop breaking the record. That was hold by louise. Aparicio's previous the previous major league record then. Jeter became the all time hits leader as a member of the yankees with two thousand seven hundred. Twenty two passing lou gehrig on september eleventh. Two thousand nine. The hit was a single of baltimore. Pige orioles pitcher. Chris tillman in the third inning in two thousand nine season. Derek jeter hit three fifty five including four zero seven in the world series as he won his fifth world championship. Ring us named sportsman of the year by two thousand. Four hundred thousand nine by sports illustrated a won the roberto clemente award and hank aaron award as well as his fourth gold glove four silver slugger also finished third in. Mvp voting behind. Minnesota's joe joe mauer and yankee teammate. Mark sharon was also his fifth the fifth championship for andy pettitte asada and money on rivera. Who were along with jeter. As the core four they were all referred to as the core four because they all came up at the same time which is why like obviously the the core but jeter along with asada and rivera became the first trio of teammates in any of the four major league sports in north america of mlb nfl nba or nhl to play at least sixteen consecutive seasons on the same team as teammates and that you season were statistically jeeter's worst. In many respects the yankee captain had only two seventy with three forty on base percentage at eighty three seventy slugging percentage which were all career lows. You lot more ground balls than usual but despite this jeeter it was elected the to start the shortstop or start at shortstop for the all star game he rebounded to beth three forty two and his last seventy nine at bats. After making adjustments to swing with the help of kevin long being he's hitting coach would successfully helped. Nick swisher in curtis granderson make adjustments to improve their production with long jeeter changed the way he strode with his left leg. Following the season jeeter won his fifth gold level award. Jeeter committed six airs during the season. His lowest total fifteen seasons after the joining ten season jeeter became a free agent for the first time in his career. At the age of thirty six jeeter appeared to klein. Joe sheen of baseball productions suggestion that jeter once a good not great shortstop had declined to become below average defensively to the extent that he would likely need to change. Positions cashman later acknowledged that jeeter might need to be shifted to the outfield though jeeter stated that he wanted them remain with the yankees negotiations became tense jeeter's agent cheesy close stated that he was baffled by the yankees approach to the negotiations and cashman. Now the team general manager responded publicly. That jeeter should test the open market to to ascertain his value which angered jeeter. According to reports jeeter initially sought a forty year contract between twenty three and twenty five million dollars per season he reached an agreement with the yankees on three year contract for fifty one million dollars with an option for fourth year. He spent the offseason working with long on adjustments to swing the adjustments left jeeter frustrated as he hit chew forty two in the first month of twenty eleven as he as he struggled it. It appeared that the two thousand eleven season was the continuation of their jeeter's decline. Jeeter did break. Ricky henderson furniture has record for stolen bases when he stole his three hundred and twenty seven th base hit against the mariners on may twenty eighth. Two thousand eleven. He suffered a calf injury on june thirteenth that required his fifth stint on the fifteen day de l. and his first since two thousand three at that point though he was batting two sixty for the two thousand eleven season with a six. Forty nine opium rehabbing. His injury from in tampa jeeter worked on his swing with denko is former minor league manager with dan. Bongino returned to use the mechanics. He used his minor league days following these activation from the disabled list. He at three twenty six with an eight. Oh six opie as last sixty four games of the season jeter finished the year with a to ninety seven batting average..

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