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All shut up. We don't need your. Thanks. This stop talk. That's crawl, Neil Reynolds, who he's, he's, he's a match the NFL UK office Jamie king, all star, Kirkwood, Nick pike. Henry Hodgson back home NFL you hang a major supporter of our show and you know, good friend personally, but he has been a great ambassador for this podcast. We love you, handsome. Hank Mark Brady here has been a major supporter of the show, Eric tamposi and Todd Metcalf. You guys busted ass this week with us, and we do a really fun. We all need. We all were never going to London without you. It's part of our new con- we also need jetlag Jackson to come back. She was awesome. Also, Sarah Parsons, John marvel. Thank you back, covert, and especially thank you to the UK fans. This was could not have been any better for us. You guys. We expected this to be a fun trip and it was even better than we could've. I'll be ninety five years old. If I live that long and. L. remember this week for the rest of my life. And I'm legitimately moving here very soon if I can have anything to do with it. And I will say the seven of us on this journey from our little NFL group, we've had an incredible time and we promised with Lakisha with eight to have a reunion. I've said three times a week, all season long. We're going to be we're going to you had sort of a Michael Jordan at Barcelona week where you know he's famous for playing eighteen holes of golf everyday, going out and beaten a bunch of chumps on the basketball court. Stay up till five in the morning, playing cards and doing it every day over again that was sort of what you did in London. I I for a little bit while at the end of the week, I thought we were going to lose. Oh, I did too. Yeah, there you have lost me. I am moving dark. Sessile came out a couple of nights, but he came all the way back around and he's with us. Also Ryan Bartlett, Kim Molina back in culverts have given us a lot of support. I just mind. One takeaway like from this whole week is I wasn't part of last year's season opening podcast. It was a long year for me and this this trip sort of feels. Like validation for what we started five or six years ago in that we trusted our instincts, that in that building, people want your show to be interviewing players, interviewing coaches, talk into beat writers. And instead our vision was four idiots taking the piss out of each other as they say here, and it's just a really good sensibility match for the British listeners. And I think that's why why we're here. I mean, we were literally sneaky in around our bosses try to to tape this podcast, and this was a week where we love our jobs. We love football and we love all the listeners not just the u k listeners, EV, all listeners are the ones that helped get us here. And Mark Mark Brady the shadowy league figure who has along with the said, he was getting chills when they put our warm up songs on on Tuesday night, art introductory songs in it felt like you know, five years kind of coming to that moment. And just I just just thinking about it and we, we appreciate everyone that help us get us. Here. It was fine. All right. Let's go. That has signing off for the quiet storm mail, man, the old boss, the loose cannon. Oh, well..

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