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Yeah like there are a lot of people that found and i i would agree i found her incredibly endearing in this movie yes and i i'm not a huge fan of hers but emily against her literally this character very well very well so the other thing that this movie did really well the costuming oh sogard hair makeup cost him 'perfect nailed it uh it it makes for an interesting challenge folk they raided a bunch of good wells and i'm not mad about it like not in a bad way but i legit felt like they raided a ton of like thrift stores and good well singing hacind they didn't make this like make the crossing illegally they pulled out of a panetta challenge with these is when you do movie especially in the seventies when everybody knows that fashion sense everybody knows what to expect but to still make it fuel authentic to still make it feel real it's a task yeah it's a it's a big task to undertake though uh steve carell absolute crushed it as bobby riggs you want to hate him but renew really start to like he has deep deep problems and you can to see both saga i owed it was really interesting is that like the way that it was advertizes it made it seem like this is the village in king story ray you learned so much more about the background of what really compelled bobby to even announce a circus or an ideal like this you learn about all of the the issues that he has from growing up to being a to his sons more like a husband's a his wife like you learn a lot more of that.

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