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The weekend the fourday wbz accuweather update we keep the forecast nascent dry as we head into your friday but then this weekend some changes on the way with rain chances especially saturday overnight tonight partly cloudy some ground fog developing low 65 increasing clouds on friday late shower chance in eighty one degrees scattered rain and storms move through primarily early saturday mostly cloudy in the afternoon more humidity and seventy six sunday partly sunny muggy 85 and monday partly cloudy 84 i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 perfect on the k today chattha mostly sunny and seventy eight degrees little bit warmer inland chippy 85 here in boston it's 84 and a little bit president trump is far from walking back is fine owlry rhetoric on north korea moments ago in new jersey where he is on his working vacation he said his threat of fire in fury could have been even stronger first though they were like they heard and frankly uh for people who were coarsely vets they've been was it through tough review wasn't suffer though they produce the circular drew for a long time for many years and it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country as for the people of other countries so if anything rabi that statement wasn't enough the president also said north korea should get its act together or it will be in trouble like hugh nations have ever seen and he also who took aim at the republican leader in the senate mitch mcconnell who failed to get the votes on healthcare mr trump said to assembled reporters you can ask the question of whether he should step aside we'll have more on these developments just out of new jersey a few moments ago here on wbz also coming up the latest on the top chef trial would doug cope in south boston and tom kutty was forts on doubled nine six moms on monday no.

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