A highlight from 143: Martyn Ware!


Episode is comprised of two conversations. Martin wear and i had in twenty twenty two. I was in january conducted at his studio in london. We ran at a time. During that first taping we were going to have a second meet up but of course i got very sick and then the pandemic happened so we resumed our conversation in december. Twenty twenty so two very different context but the same fabulous guests in the time. Since we first spoke martin's also start a terrific podcast called tronto yours with martin wear on it. He talks to fellow electronic music and other people of interest. So go check that out anyway. Here's the show dear listeners. Brace yourself because you're about to hear from a man who not only created his own path of shape the future of music as we know by creating two of the most influential electronic bands in this or any other known universe the human league and heaven. Seventeen it's my pleasure to present my guest on this episode of wimpy volatile. The man behind so many to- toppers book. The man behind. Somebody toe tappers beloved by all the geisha boys and temple girls around the world. Please welcome with me. Mr martin wear kid. Thank you incident applause. Exactly i will nice to meet you and lovely chatting and we're coming to you from your studio. Yes i'm in king's cross london. I love this place. My st do is totally silent windows if there was a nuclear tech assorted. It probably wouldn't not just like a bunker. Yes sure no clocks or watches or ref referenced to time tool which is perfect now. What are your work habits. You tend to get absorbed in something in sort of Ignore the clock. es never ever ever people go. Mindfulness and and you know all that stuff. And i've got to go to a class to be mindful me. My form of significant. Mindfulness is composition. And you know get into the zone. Yeah that's always been. Mist eight from the drudgery of everyday rail. Let's say yeah. And you really made her quite a tremendous escape from the drudgery Living in sheffield with sheffield down or anything But lower economic situation. If i'm correct about that yeah it's not quite the same anymore. But okay certainly. When i in the seventies it was essentially there was not much to do. Yeah in the seventies. It was a to set the scene. It was kind of version of detroit. A vase not caused it was still pittsburgh where the steel industry being decimated by the by the the the conservative government of that time and eighteen thousand jobs were lost in like a few years though as ever going to go and start being. Yeah but generally. It is a depressed economically. Depressed town and not only that Wasn't really much in the way of Kind of clubs and and venues sure a from its big student town so we fake. Id's and went to see fans there. That was the best thing to do. And then there's one big venues as city hall where we saw the big bands who came into town t rex ray. We used to break into the city. Because we're coming to fold sure. Yeah right exactly So you know i'd kids. I'm not advocating. You know it's very important. So consequently the the the the one thing we did have as a resource. There were a lot of places that used to be. Small engineering. Works like toolmaking cutlery size. Things little kind of factories really around the city center on a lot of those ramzi because of the economic downturn and you can rent them for peanuts. That's what we ended up doing we so we have some. We were all obsessed. With andy warhol. You're and the kind of kind of grungy kind of posting district. Will you know the whole conduct. Cbgb's surely all the big things you love this fancy new york. So we were into this. This is way before. Gentrification was thing. Yeah the idea of taking over really scruffy old doty frankly shoelaces and making them into creative place creative hub. Yeah Is what we're doing right from when we were teenagers really. Because it didn't cost anything. We could fantasize about the fact that we were some kind of cool autistic. Commune never had any ambition to be professional musicians. Sir so there are two big engines as suppose that drove as one was glam. Yeah and kind of early punk.

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