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First Interstate Bank to give a special thank you to Diane long occur. Mcminnville? Diane works in her local Bank to give food to thousands of people in Yemen hill county inner spare time she's on the board of directors at the Juliet's house the local child abuse intervention centre. Diane also volunteers the fire department among many other community organizations on behalf of all of us with First Interstate Bank. Thank you for being a community hero. Diane member FDIC, equal housing lender. What you buy flavor? Pacu support more than two hundred northwest farmer families, providing wholesome Crozet, fruits and vegetables, while caring for the land and resources or so proud labor pack northwest grown for over thirty years Tyler Kelly. Indeed, come to live both ends to the poor. Tyler. Now has six block shots in the game. And that's one shy of the school record for blocking the game. Shared by grew banks and two beavers of recent vintage. Cuyler was one more will tie the record. And I like the way the young man is played played with a real attitude as the beavers lead it sixty one to forty three and throwing the ball down at one end with authority blocking it at the other Antoine coordinate with the basketball coming the other way from left to right off a high. Hedge comes around Ardell, Don rose top of the key to Reichel Zak with a career high tries to add to from the left to the lane doesn't go rebound tap by Kelly event. Kelly is fouled over the top. Non tutti foul, but it's bald against cohe Obioha. The papers with the basketball out of bounds eleven oh. Two to play Colby Ross after a brief breather. Calms her Daryl poke junior Reichel Kelly Holland's, Ethan Thompson back in Antoine. Vernon inbound pass intended for Kelly tipped out of bounds. By omaha. Obioha the beavers will inbound at the right quarter. Jack Reichel to do the honors. Ethan Thompson in a game or the beavers lead by eighteen hasn't score. Jack Reichel gets it intended for Ethan and that's tipped out of bounds for pepper died by John D Smith sophomore out of Oakland. Saint Joseph Notre Dame high school signing day coming up on Wednesday will auto podcast with head football coach Jonathan Smith online later in the week. Inbound pass chase down by Cuyler Kelly gets into the right corner. Zach Reichel screened by Kelly's Zach around it picks up his dribble grows between the circles, Dan, burnt out near mid midcourt. Eighteen on the clock run into the right wing to Reichel. Jack looks at Holland bopping gets it to. Alfred puts it on the deck out in the left lane. Throws a wild pass. Intercepted by Andrei ball trays will return at the dead ball ball into the right corner. To Darrelle poke the ball. Lost by Zach grab Zack Weichel on a steals act. The other way to the rim slapdown gripe all the the beavers backup twenty sixty three forty s where you get out in transition author defense, much better half all the way around with a Bs. Take the ten point lead to twenty Cantwell to play pulpy Rosser gets Gordon beavers and man tries to back out still backing down right to the lane. Into the lane bumps at Antoine's ball away. Ten Puerto an air ball, but a foul on burden and Colby. Ross will go to the free throw line for two shots. Antoine Vernon committee the personal foul. Colby Ross tube line for two shots. He's the guy who gets there a lot. This will be his first attempt if ally tonight. Third of the nation and free throw attempts to the first free throw of seventy nine percent foul. Tutor doesn't go trace tinkle. Stephen Thompson returned for the beavers Zach Reichel and Alfred Holland with four to play the beavers lady sixty three to forty three Colby with another free throw. Hits that. Sixty three to forty four. Tracy tangled inbound stantoine Vernon bieber's by nineteen with possession. Antoine into the front. Forty seven guarded by Colby. Ross picks up the dribble and bounces to Stephen Thompson. Junior in front of our vantage point trace tinkle pops between the circles receives the past bounces to the posting. Ethan Thompson ride of the length jump. Patch? Back to trace for three front Romanoff. No, good rebound grabbed by Andrei ball outlet to Colby. Ross Pepperdine wants to try to make a move now. Ross comes from bike to left pros underneath Obioha now to the right side to Andrei ball steps to do a jumper off the dribble doesn't get it. Rebound. Even Thompson had it lost. It chased by antwon Vernon and burn his bumped and fouled in the back court by Andrei ball, the sixteen look into the waves. Had the third on Andrei nine twenty four to play the papers leading by nineteen with the basketball back. Eric Cooper junior. Will check into the game for pepper died and he'll come for Andre cousin of Lonzo. Lonzo LeBron had double doubles. I think the Laker game last night the first two Lakers. Triple doubles, triple doubles the first two Lakers in a game to do it in the same game since magic and Kareem back in eighty two heath and Thomson endocron court. Ethan throws vantage point top of the key to Ethan fakes. Ride dribbles. Laugh comes down the lane in plays it up at the left hand, still scoreless. Rebound tapa control by Colby roscoe's quickly with Vernon the other way comes around and into the lane closer to the trail, man. Edward, jR, whitewater for three by Cooper doesn't go tap by Kelly into the hands of all be Ohio. But corralled at the baseline by John Smith now to Ross comes in deep it up. Over kellie. Kellie bothered the shot, which mess and Ethan. Thompson the rebound diagnosed her brother Stevie in front of a short corner right to trace world's down the right of the lane at the right block up another with a left hand and scores. Great job by now. It gets an interception in a steel three onto the other way bieber's by twenty one and trace. His bumped into and fouled by Colby Ross. And that will send trace to the line for a one and one where they twenty-seven to play trace tinkle with fifteen points. Stephen Thompson junior with eighteen and going to the line will be traced for a one and one eight twenty-seven ago bieber's leading sixty five to forty four. What a patient and creative move. Tremendous footwork shown by trace under.

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