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I'm not anywhere near much can fire now at the point about the icpm front will pit away from that and b five why would kim jongun heffer luke the united states i mean the end of him at the end of his regime however one could spent the entire war on the korean peninsula and what i've been trying to promote is is that i'll president and a small fees to north korea to talk to kinshasa on and and cause people to make sure that we should step back from the nuclear precipice that we have been using tools particularly in these last seven eight months geoghegan knows only talking to plant of the more united since he's institute in london it's interesting that these amendments are unfolding on the brink of the anniversary of the nonproliferation treaty fifty years ago intended to avoid justice gone to instability well enough absorbs that's to into ploughshares as in the technology to feed ourselves now that more than half of us live in cities divorced from the farms fields and ponds of agriculture that's pressure to bring food production to our busy streets and high above the crowded streets of greenwich whom to the meridian line on the roof of the university this greenhouse which combines acquaculture fishfarming in vegetable patty's with hydro pornick's soil this fruit and veg grown in water tanks benz cops in was there to welcome me to his vision of the future global akwa pornick's according to the greenhouse effect.

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