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One zero one one I'm quite Lewis you're listening ground zero so give me a little bit of a I guess a history lesson I don't know it's a history lesson just kind of setting the stage for the idea of the body politic and and making the empire the the the the kingdom the the country a living breathing entity and that if the brain is incapable of refreshing the body the body parts all die off but it's going to shock right so if you use the comparison it read to plow minute basin back in the fifteen hundreds you see that the brain is in capable the country's bring president is incapable of doing his job because everybody else is you know the all the other body parts are are in anarchy and they're just not letting the brain to his job you can see what's going to come right you you see what's coming another thing that got me worried about is this what they set me off on your way to get in some other stuff too but I just want to talk about is the beginning the show because I have this game it had to get this off my chest what got me started on this one this this tirade about body politic in stopping the brain and all this other stuff but Donny Deutsch I was on I think morning Joe on Friday and he had some very inflammatory statements to say about the president that really scared me I don't know I've heard other people say bad things a president like you know what Omar said you're gonna we're gonna make ourselves a nightmare to you Mr president that sounded bad but this one listen to this and tell me if this doesn't sound chilling to you here we go if you're doing this because of something you started yes Sir now I wanna one back yesterday because to me so and I've been on the show for ten years Franklin I've listened to a lot listen to a lot we brought on the air a lot and what you said in a couple minutes just say to me is the most important thing that's ever been said on this show on any show on this year and that we are at war it is time for the Democrats to wake up we are playing against cheaters and liars or Steelers and with all due respect to Michelle Obama when they go high I would make a low we got to do what ever we have to do we actually have a government led by Moscow **** and criminal trouble but we're going to call him on indicted criminal truck now because in two instances he has been an unindicted criminal so I know in in regular when you're playing fair useful school and president trump just like we're call Moscow Mitchell who called him trump and another message for the Democrats it is time to move forward there are to take away from all of that with the the users we go to war number one the president broke the law and when he's out of office he can go and we'll go to jail and number two we are vulnerable with our election systems that's our two things we may not have won the battle of impeachment but we're going to win the war of put him in jail what ever we have to do and we're not getting a straight play fair and full all the intellectuals out there whose hair is gonna go on fire but we're becoming like them are becoming like them you cannot lose the next election we will go back fifty years we have everyone individually just press the one tool we have to use that the Democrats never use is fear start to stop talking about Donald Trump today and yesterday and start to paint a picture of what the next four years would look like maybe the next eight twelve years because of these going anywhere of the possible path to dystopian society I cannot believe I don't know if you can believe what I just heard and you don't have to be a trump supporter non supporter to hear those words and thank why does this guy still have a job I'm not saying he doesn't have a right to Syria seven three with a press the gas I don't know but he says we are at war and then they say I'm indicted or no will not indicted criminal trump a criminal is not a criminal if he's doesn't make any sense what he's saying you're he's he's basically running that the jaw it's another eighty eight what I'm talking about the body politic that is the like that is like a six finger okay on one hand that that is that is something that needs to be either amputated or at least somehow covered up because you know saying this I mean it's nothing when somebody like Omar says all your we're gonna be your next nightmare it's kind of chilling to hear that because it's like all of a sudden you know you get these these these words of war at all it's going to be is a some organizations going to go after him we have a guy saying we're gonna do what ever it takes to put him behind bars what ever it that would be in planting evidence that would mean you know making up stop it would be I mean can anybody figure this out and I don't Joe Scarborough would you sitting there looking at him like I'm a little pain by this evil knight was passing a twisted starting can you know I'm saying twenty don't that's what it felt like to me was feeling a little uncomfortable but the whole affair I told the guy I mean if it was my show and so we just came on and said we need to do that to Tromp or two Michelle Obama or to even Hillary Clinton I would say no you don't see that unless you're a measure willing to declare war unless you.

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