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Real the sleeves up all right sylvie ready ready ready because some of these people know how do reviews here and and you know we're like what do the sections of talk about the talk about cgi we could talk about the villains we could talk about all these things we're not doing this time we're going down the line got not here you can't do it here and here's why because i done in sections i could've made a short short movie but then i went through the movie as i do with the clips and i discovered that there was so much stuff to talk about so much meets that there's no way i could just going to go ahead and do whatever have you because there's just too much good stuff to talk about too much interesting too much conflict ary too much stuff and the thing is in i know you have very strong opinions about this movie i wrote in my notes i don't have very strong opinions of it because when i watched it for the first time i was like what house fine wasn't as bad as what people say it is it's fine i get it but then i watched it again okay we got shit shit we gotta get down right so first off this is ryan reynolds i'll say this he's come a long way since then oh my six years something like that so young this though like a baby and the truth be told as an actor he's come a long way but he is still playing ryan reynolds then while there's ryan reynolds hal jordan's ryan road deadpool it's ryan ryan reynolds and so it's always it's always the same guy and i have seen dead pool so for those people have not seen and that's not yet but it's always the same guy so what i'm up for this movie i'm like he's fine he's fine everything he does he's charismatic he's whatever but it doesn't start with him it starts with a little bit of the origin story of the green lantern corps and about this monster parallel like i said at the pre show i have no real grounding of the green lantern i.

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