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Arcade game shooting pumpkin shooting tin cans exploding watermelon it's all i back clinical who'll you can shoot a graphic lobby animated lobby but he got seven hundred scenario okay leader all live action these are people that are perfect for law enforcement nearest the military scenario and then there's hundreds poor the computer carrier poor you're in your home an era bumped the night but the concealed carry stuff you're line at a at a convenience store and guess what somebody in of you pulled out a pistol and point horrific work what are you do mark scenario based training for the general public and it is exciting a cold i hope it touches on were so good at keeping people how to shoot we need to prevent shoot what not to shoot more suspect armed with nine armed with balba armed with by james becoming thing brother yeah he set it up entertainment value but as from a training perspective it golden known as the police officer shot the fat system decades ago and that was clunky sean army or projection screen tv not nothing cool this brother i think it is going to be become standard become irritated the art uruguay brain shoot live animal because nobody can ever replace doing now but you go to you go to a brutal rings to engage in scenarios because now finally it's available the villian poor was only cops an elite military unit uh i i i could not be more excited uh i could not actually actually i'm going to be spending held water time there uh concept you make this available to the general public any meeting is is goals it dan i hope it has become a popular more states it more than likely will you know i used to do a lot of time with gander mountain spent a lot of time with gander mountain at their carry out in the kadam he's the six them around the country and i used to and i've been in these situations in these 360 degree simulators that are absolutely phenomenal were you have multiple different scenarios that are coming at you and saw you're acting as law enforcement the.

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